Wireless technology has allowed the Lubbock TX security industry to expand the reach of their products in ways that simply weren’t possible with wired systems. From monitoring your home remotely to sending automatic alerts for emergency services, investing in home security is critical for the health and safety of your family, property, and personal belongings. If you’re thinking about installing a wireless security system, consider the following ways your alarm system will expand your safety zone.

Monitor your entire property remotely

A wireless security system gives you the control to place surveillance cameras where you need them the most so all key areas are covered. Even when you’re at home, you can’t keep an eye on the entire property at once. Video cameras allow you to check on an outlying building (i.e. shed, barn) or see who’s at the door without putting yourself in any danger. You can also check on your Lubbock TX home from a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access while you’re at work or traveling.

Prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning

A small flame explodes into a large fire within seconds. Then within a few minutes, the whole home fills with thick black smoke, leaving humans and pets able to breathe adequately. Time is truly of the essence with a fire. Installing a wireless security system that signals the proper Lubbock TX authorities immediately may mean the difference between death and full destruction of the home and all of its contents versus a safe family with a home still largely in tact.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas found in combustion fumes. Gas ranges, heating systems, and wood burning and charcoal stoves may release CO. As the human senses are unable to detect carbon monoxide, by the time symptoms present, it’s often too late. A CO detector looks and functions much like a smoke detector and may be installed as part of a wireless security system. The faster emergency service is dispatched for a CO leak, the less severe the poisoning symptoms.

Control varying home systems from your smartphone or tablet

A wireless security system may be synced with a wide range of smart home features, allowing you to control varying home systems with the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet. Arm and disarm the security system, turn on and off the lights, lock and unlock the doors and windows, and adjust the temperature. You’ll be able to keep your family safer and may also save money by lowering or raising the thermostat and turning off the lights when no one is home.

Lubbock TX security providers install security systems in homes every single week. As such, they’re familiar with the security needs of families and the importance of using an alarm system to expand your safety zone. During your initial consultation, be upfront about your priorities and budget so you get the best system for your family.

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