With so many home alarm system protection levels available, it can be difficult to decide which system is the best for your needs. You can choose a basic system for adequate protection or install a security system specifically made for your protection needs. Before choosing a home alarm system, it is important to understand the protection levels that basic alarm systems and monitored alarm systems can offer. You can also consider installing a home alarm system with motion detectors, one with cameras, and an alarm system with sophisticated features.

Protection level of a basic home alarm system

The simplest security you can have on your home is a door alarm. If someone comes through the door, the system will trigger a loud alarm. The loud noise will scare most intruders away. The downside to such a simple security system is that it is easy to disarm or avoid. If the home is isolated, someone may not hear the alarm going off.

Protection level of a monitored home alarm system

If you want something a bit more secure than a door alarm, a simple monitored home alarm system may be your best option. These systems include sensors on key entry points (windows, doors, etc.) which connect to a central control panel. A keypad attached to the control panel allows the homeowner to program and control the alarm system. When everyone is active, the system is disarmed. When everyone leaves, or is sleeping, the security system can be armed. If someone tries to enter the home at a sensored point, the alarm will be triggered if it is not disarmed in time. The control panel also sends out an alert to the monitoring service, who tries to contact the homeowner and the local authorities.

Protection level of a home alarm system with motion detectors

A basic monitored home alarm system is enough for many homeowners to feel protected. However, there are options that can make a simple system a bit more sophisticated, including motion detectors.

Motion detectors will trigger lights or alarms if motion is detected within a monitored perimeter. In the past, motion detectors got a bad reputation for being triggered if a cat or dog walked by. Technology has improved detectors, however, preventing these kinds of false alarms. Motion detectors are great for detecting movement through indoor and outdoor areas that should have no one in them.

Protection level of a home alarm system with video surveillance

It is impossible to watch every area within your home, even if you are at home. A home alarm system with video surveillance cameras allow you to see what is happening around your property, whether you are away or at home.

Exterior cameras, placed in optimum positions, can capture footage of people entering and exiting your property from many angles. Interior cameras, usually hidden, can tell you if your nanny or housekeeper are doing their jobs correctly. If the surveillance cameras are hooked into a live internet feed, you can see what is happening through a mobile device.

Surveillance cameras are great for identifying problems that you suspect, but cannot prove. Cameras can also capture video footage of criminals, which helps if prosecution if necessary.

Protection level of a home alarm system with sophisticated features

The best home alarm systems have surveillance cameras and motion detectors. However, there are other options available that give your security system even higher levels of protection.

There are detectors that let you know if glass within your home is broken. Some burglars will break through a pane of glass at the door or window to unlock it from the inside, so this feature greatly enhances safety.

Pressure mats can slide undetected under rugs. If someone steps on the pressure mat, an alarm is triggered. This feature is good for detecting an intruder when someone vulnerable is home, such as an elderly parent or small child.

Panic buttons allow an individual to set off an alert, without the need for a phone. The individual wears a pendant or bracelet with a panic button imbedded. If a situation arises where the individual needs help, a simple press of the panic button will contact local emergency personnel.

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