Have you been considering having a video surveillance system installed in your home or business – but afraid of the cost? Not having a security system with video surveillance can end up costing you more than you thought.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should install a video surveillance system today!!!

Protect your home or business from intruders with a video surveillance system

The most obvious reason for installing a video surveillance system in your home or business is to offer protection from intruders. Property without security systems are almost three times more likely to targeted by burglars – according to “Securing Home and Business.”

The presence of a security system, and especially a video surveillance system acts as a deterrent. Oftentimes a criminal will move on to a less protected property when they see the property has a security system in place. In the case of a break-in, the surveillance system can warn those inside to get to a safe area while the system alerts first responders. Having activities on video also allows police to apprehend the unwelcome guest.

Save on property insurance

Most insurance companies offer a significant discount to properties with security systems. With a security system, you may be able to save 10-20% on your insurance premiums when you protect your property with a video surveillance system.

Keep an eye on your property

If you have a business, you know there are areas that you can’t keep an eye on at all times. Backdoors, entries and parking lots are prime targets for criminals to gain access to your property. Employees and customers may feel vulnerable as they enter or exit your business. When you have a video surveillance system – you can monitor these areas from your office or personal device. Employees can make sure the area is safe before opening the door.

Walking to and from vehicles when it is dark can be unnerving for many people who come to work or leave in the dark. The same is true in your home. Coming and going in the dark will be safer. Personal safety is enhanced when a video surveillance system has been installed in your home or business.

Discourage theft from inside

No one wants to think that their employees could be ripping them off. Theft from the inside accounts for a large percentage of business losses. A video surveillance system installed in your business will deter your employees from taking what is yours. It will also allow you to monitor your employees’ conduct and interaction with your customers – as well as with each other. You can see how things are being managed while you are away. You may be surprised how productivity can be increased when your employees know there is a video surveillance system in operation.

Know who is at your door

It’s hard to leave your loved ones alone – but sometimes it can’t be helped. Being away from home can make you worry. Your concerns will be lessened if your home has a video surveillance system. When the doorbell rings, your family will be able to see who is on the other side of the door before opening it.

Security system installation – 1st Alarm should be your first choice

A video surveillance system installed by 1st Alarm in your Texas home and/or business will give you the peace of mind that you’ve been missing. Nothing can prevent all crimes, but you will know that you have done all that you can to keep your loved ones and property safe. Only trained professionals can properly install a security system. In the field of security systems – 1st Alarm is the best that you will find.

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