Video surveillance systems are an affordable, effective way to protect your Lubbock TX residential or commercial property. From a small home to a large corporation, modern digital security cameras provide high-definition, wide-angle footage. You get peace of mind knowing that all activities taking place on the premises are recorded in full clarity. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a video surveillance system or upgrading an older analog alarm system, consider the following advantages of wireless security cameras.

Video surveillance systems reduce loss, theft, and vandalism

The mere presence of video surveillance cameras is enough to deter most potential criminals. When a thief sees the security cameras, he’s likely to move on to another home or business, not wanting to risk the possibility of getting caught on camera. Once upon a time, analog cameras captured a limited amount of grainy footage. Modern digital cameras and video surveillance systems capture and store large quantities of high-definition, wide-angle footage. In the event an incident does take place, turn over the footage to the local Lubbock TX police department. The footage greatly increases the odds they’ll catch the criminal.

Simple, affordable installation, repairs, and upgrades

Analog video surveillance cameras are expensive and require a complex installation process with a maze of wires running all over the place. The other alternative is to hire full-time security staff, which is also expensive. Digital video security cameras as part of a modern video surveillance system are affordable and can be installed in a matter of hours. When you decide to upgrade your cameras or change the location of a few cameras, you can make the changes with ease, eliminating the need to replace the entire system. Most Lubbock security providers offer remote troubleshooting services, allowing them to diagnose and even repair problems from their base location, saving you the time and money of an on-site visit.

Video surveillance systems are cost-effective

Digital video surveillance systems require less physical infrastructure and fewer cameras to cover the same amount of space, which saves you money. Digital video feed also has the capacity to be compressed and stored so you don’t need nearly as much space to save it. When you need to scale your video surveillance system up or down to accommodate the current needs of your Lubbock TX business, it’s easy to return, swap out, or add the components you need, ensuring seamless integration.

Distributed intelligence

Analog security systems leave gaps in security coverage, increasing the risk of missing suspicious activity. No one has time to sift through hours and hours of video footage. Modern video surveillance systems employ distributed intelligence technology that allows a software program to monitor the feed continuously, using movement pattern recognition to pick up specified behavior and events. In the event the program picks up suspicious activity, it generates an alert and sends it to the security team automatically.

Heightened productivity

Video surveillance systems are critical for preventing theft within a company. Each year companies lose thousands of dollars due to theft from employees or customers. While most employees won’t steal outright from a company, they will commit small acts of theft, such as taking extra breaks during the day or using company phones for long personal calls. When employees do commit crimes, they often start small before attempting a larger offense. With round the clock video surveillance, you’ll spot a minor infraction and can handle it in a timely fashion, preventing more serious criminal activity.

A professional Lubbock TX security provider will work with you to determine the best locations for video surveillance cameras on your premises, ensuring you have full coverage around the clock. Set up a free consultation today.

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