Traditional home security systems are expensive and require lots of wires running through the house. When you’re ready to upgrade your system or move to a new home, basically you have to start over, leaving unsightly wires behind. Wireless technology has revolutionized the home security industry, making security systems much more affordable and easy to install with minimal components. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in home security, consider the following reasons to choose a wireless home security system in Abilene TX.

Simple, fast and easy installation

The installation process for a wireless home security system involves placing sensors in various locations around the home. Typically you’ll want sensors behind all of the doors, including the garage door. Think about using motion sensors to cover the windows, particularly the windows in the back of the home. Using motion sensors instead of window sensors will cut down on the total number of sensors that you need, saving you a few dollars.

Wireless home security systems make it easy to upgrade and add new features

Until you’ve owned a security system for a few months, it can be difficult to know which features you’ll need. With a wireless system, you have the option to add more features or upgrade current features at any time. For example, if you don’t have a surveillance camera installed with the original system, you can add one or several at any point in the future.

Remote home monitoring

Abilene homeowners have peace of mind when they can check on their properties at any time from any location. From making sure that the dog is okay while you’re at work to checking if the garage door is closed while you’re on vacation, you know what’s going on inside, outside, and around your home at all times. You’ll always have someone on call to respond to emergency situations, including fires, carbon monoxide leaks, significant temperature changes, and natural disasters.

Control of a range of home systems

Modern wireless home security systems give Abilene homeowners full control over a number of home systems. Simply log on to the internet via a smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your home security system remotely. You can use this technology to monitor your surveillance cameras and motion detectors, arm and disarm the system, turn on and off the lights, and adjust the thermostat.

Wireless home security systems protect families from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning

Equipping a home with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a good start. However, the key disadvantage of basic detectors is that they don’t signal the authorities in the event of an emergency. A wireless home alarm system does alert the authorities whether or not anyone is at home, keeping your property safe around the clock.

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