A commercial security system is essential for every modern Amarillo TX business. Once upon a time, you could equip the doors and windows with locks and install a basic alarm system, and you’d have all the protection you needed. These security measures are a great start, but they aren’t sufficient for ensuring full protection. Consider the following benefits you get with an up to date wireless commercial security system.

Commercial security system deters potential burglars

The mere presence of a security system is enough to detract most burglars and other criminals from theft and vandalism. Make sure to place a sign with the name of the Amarillo security system provider prominently on the premises, and install several security cameras out in the open. Most burglars will take one look at these telltale indications of a security system and move on to another business. If you have a retail location, install highly visible surveillance cameras to greatly reduce the incidence of shoplifting. Place a spot monitor just inside the front door so customers see themselves on camera right away.

Commercial security system increases employee accountability

While there is always the possibility of theft and other crime within a company, most employees are unlikely to steal from the business outright. However, without constant supervision, they may steal in smaller ways, such as taking unauthorized breaks or texting with friends during work hours. Employees are less likely to engage in these types of behaviors when they know they’re on camera all the time at work. When employees do steal outright, they often start with smaller crimes before attempting more serious infractions. You’ll catch minor criminal activity before a serious offense ever occurs.

Commercial security system minimizes the risk of fraudulent claims

Even the most well-run Amarillo TX businesses with excellent customer service, satisfied employees and customers may deal with occasional claims against the company. Both customers and employees may make these claims, such as a customer experiencing harassment from an employee or an employee suffering an injury in the workplace. Video surveillance allows you to confirm the validity of any claim made against your business. Instead of debating who said what or exactly what happened, simply review the video footage and then respond to the claim accordingly.

Commercial security system helps protect against fire and carbon monoxide poisoning

It takes mere seconds for a small flame to explore into a large fire. The sooner you can signal the Amarillo fire department, the less damage you’ll face. Wireless security systems have the capacity to alert the appropriate emergency personnel directly, greatly reducing the response time. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas. As such, most people aren’t aware of a leak until poisoning symptoms present. The system will detect a leak and alert the authorities before the issue becomes a threat for employees and customers.

Commercial security system can decrease insurance premiums

Most insurance companies require a business to install a basic commercial security system on their premises. Depending on the type of security system you install, you may get a sizable discount on your monthly insurance payment. Make sure to disclose all of the security system components to your insurance provider, as certain components may yield deeper discounts, such as video surveillance.

Finally, a commercial security system offers peace of mind for any Amarillo business owner. When you aren’t worried about criminal activity during the night or employees skipping out on important work tasks, you have more energy to devote to the business, increasing productivity and ultimately, revenue.

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