Recent advances in digital technology have made home security systems more affordable than ever. Any Midland TX homeowner or renter can get a home security system up and running easily and affordably. Consequently, there are now a wide array of security systems and security companies, making it difficult to narrow down the best choice for your needs. Concentrate on finding a system and company that offers the best protection for your home and loved ones while still staying within your budget. As you weigh your options, look for the following features.

Wireless technology

Wireless home security systems are less expensive, more powerful and dependable, and easier to install, upgrade, and maintain than their wired counterparts. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Midland TX or Odessa TX security provider that doesn’t offer some type of wireless security package. You don’t have to drill any holes in your walls, floors, or ceilings, making the system much less invasive. You also don’t have to rely on telephone lines to run the system, which is much safer. Traditional wired systems were hooked up via the telephone line. If an intruder cut the correct wire or the power went out, the system was useless. It’s all but impossible for a criminal to sever the wireless connection for a home security system, and the system continues to run even in the event of a power outage.

Updates to basic technology

When you invest in a modern wireless security system, you’ll have access to a selection of upgraded features. Window and door sensors are more reliable and accurate, and you can choose from a wider range of sensors, including temperature and humidity sensors, tamper-sensitive sensors, and pet-friendly motion detectors. Modern home security systems also offer upgraded smoke, carbon monoxide, and emergency response detectors, ensuring the proper authorities are contacted as soon as an emergency occurs.

Camera technology

Digital video surveillance features high definition, wide angle footage, making it easier than ever to use footage to catch criminals. You have full control over the number of cameras you install and where you install them on your property to cover all vulnerable areas, such as entryways and outlying buildings (i.e. tool shed, barn). If you decide you need more or less cameras, you can scale your system up or down at any time.

You can log into your home security system via any mobile device or computer with internet access to view live streams or access archived footage. Distributed intelligence software programs monitor the feed, using movement pattern recognition to detect suspicious activity, events, and behavior. When the home security system picks up anything unusual, it generates an alert and sends it to your Midland TX security provider automatically.

Home automation technology

Home automation technology enables you to see and control what’s going on in your home remotely. You’ll never have to rush out of a meeting because you can’t remember if you locked the front door or call a neighbor while on vacation to make sure all the windows are closed. Home automation features include adjusting the thermostat, turning on and off the lights, locking and unlocking the doors and windows, and arming and disarming the security system, all from a mobile device or computer.

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