Most purchase decisions made by business owners in Lubbock TX and around the nation are evaluated by comparing the cost to the realized benefit. Owning your own business isn’t always easy – and every purchase needs to be evaluated. Business owners sometimes find out the hard way that having commercial security systems could have saved them money. It’s hard to spend hard earned money – but the benefits of investing in commercial security systems outweigh the initial cost. A commercial security system acts as a deterrent – not only for intruders, but for internal theft.

Commercial security systems are major deterrents for criminal activity

Most criminals look for businesses that are easy targets – and without security systems. A company that has no indication of a security system is an easy target for a burglar. Your local Lubbock TX alarm system company logo alone acts as a major deterrent for anyone contemplating stealing from your company.

Loss from within

No one wants to think that they will be betrayed by people they trust. According to Forbes – at least $60 billion were lost in 2015 due to employee theft. This was up from $57 billion in 2014. Employee theft is the single largest cause of loss to businesses. If you can prevent just a fraction of this loss, you will see your return on the cost of a commercial security system in a very short time. When your employees know that your business has a security system that is in working order, they are less likely to take what is yours.

Immediate response

Protecting your Lubbock TX business with a commercial security system gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will receive immediate notification if something untoward is going on at your business. If there is an attempted break in, first responders will be on the scene and the intruder will be apprehended.

It’s easy to see this cost benefit of commercial security systems

Not only are you discouraging intruders and theft by your employees when you invest in a security system for your business – but you will save money in other ways.

Insurance – When you have fewer break-in attempts and less loss, your insurance company takes notice. Your insurance premiums may be lower when you have no claims due to break-ins and theft. Not only that but many insurance companies have lower premiums for Lubbock businesses who have protected their business by installing a commercial security system. Again, your security system benefits outweigh its cost.

Lawsuits – Sadly, lawsuits are an everyday occurrence these days – any many of them are frivolous. If you can stop one lawsuit against your company with the use of commercial security system surveillance camera, you will not only discourage fraudulent use of our court systems – but you will far exceed the cost of your system.

Fire – Nothing is more devastating to a Lubbock TX business than a fire. When you have a fire monitoring alarm as part of your commercial security system, first responders will be notified in a timely manner, your surveillance system will be able to shed light in determining if arson is a possible cause, and you will be one of the first on the scene.

Cost and benefit – easy to see

When you choose to protect your Lubbock business with a commercial security system, you won’t have to look far to see how the benefits far exceed the cost. You will not only save money, but you will gain the peace of mind that will allow you to focus your thoughts and energy solely on running your business.

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