Advancements in wireless technologies have transformed home security systems. In the past, these systems needed wires pulled through walls to connect everything, and installation was labor intensive and expensive. Today, home security companies can install a system in your home in Lubbock, Texas more efficiently, which saves you money. Knowing the differences between security systems of the past and modern home security systems can help homeowners understand the benefits of wireless home security systems.

Home security systems of the past

In the past, having a home security system was only for the rich or upper middle class. These systems required pulling wires through the walls to each window and door. Lubbock security companies were required to connect everything to a central controller, which managed the entire system. Installation of these systems also required a dedicated landline that the system would use to alert the monitoring service or emergency services.

Home security systems of the past were labor-intensive to install, so the installation costs were high. Making future changes required pulling new wires and rewiring the central control panel, adding even more labor and cost. The costs involved made most of these systems out of reach of most Lubbock homeowners.

Modern wireless home security systems

Today, advancements in wireless technologies have transformed the way people live. Instead of using landline phones, people rely on cell phones to stay connected. Wireless routers have replaced hard-line network connections for personal and work computers.

Wireless technologies have also transformed the home security system industry. Wireless alarms and sensors communicate with the central control panel, without any wires. These systems are easy for companies to install and configure. It is possible to install sensors at every window and door at a reasonable cost. The central panel can either be tied to a hard phone line or use wireless technologies to send alerts through the nearest cell tower.

Other wireless technologies that have become available, including home security video cameras and personal alarms. Wireless video cameras make it possible to monitor activity inside and outside your Lubbock property. Wireless personal alarms make it possible for someone to trigger an alarm, without being near the central keypad.

Because wireless home security systems require very little labor to install, they are affordable for most Lubbock homeowners. Home security systems have even been developed for renters who want to take the system with them when they move.

Most Lubbock security companies offer basic monthly monitoring at a great price. Companies may also offer additional services such as real-time alerts and online monitoring of the central control panel status. If home security video cameras have been installed, the feeds may also be available for online viewing.

Today’s home security systems have been made available to more homeowners than ever before and wireless technologies have made these systems even more efficient. If you are interested in adding a wireless home security system to your property, contact the experts at 1st Alarm. You can call us at 1(800) 276-5559 or send us an email for more information about our residential services. You can also email us to get a quote. We provide services throughout West Texas and the Texas Panhandle, with locations in Midland, Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, El Paso, and San Angelo.