Higher-end security systems usually include video cameras. These typically wireless security cameras are great for monitoring activities inside and outside the house. They provide evidence in case someone chooses to commit a crime within their view. They also act as a deterrent to potential criminals who don’t want their activities captured on camera. The benefits of having cameras are obvious, but does your home or business need wired or wireless cameras?

The wireless security camera is revolutionizing home and business security

Just a few years ago, if you had a video camera included in your security system, it was hard-wired into place. Installing a hard-wired camera involves pulling cable through the walls and ceilings to the point where the camera is mounted. The other end of the cable attaches to a video recorder where the footage is captured and stored.  Today, the wireless security camera is changing the landscape of both home and business security. Instead of needing to pull cables through walls to mount a camera, a wireless model can be mounted just about anywhere. Some wireless cameras require access to an outlet for power. Some, however, come with high-end battery capacity which makes it truly wireless.

Wireless security cameras offer flexibility

Because there is no need to tie your security camera to a fixed cable, the cameras can be positioned just about anywhere in range of the wireless receiver. This provides the utmost flexibility to meet your home or business monitoring needs.

Wireless security cameras are also easy to reposition. If you decide to move a wired camera, you would need to have the technician move the cable which can make a simple re-location more difficult and more expensive. With a wireless security camera, that is not a problem. The technician turns the camera off, puts it in its new location and then turns it back on. Easy.

Wireless security cameras are smaller and easier to conceal

Wireless security cameras are smaller than their wired counterparts. That is due to their use of digital and wireless technology. Though wired cameras are smaller than they used to be, they still need to have room for the parts which send signals through the cables to the recorder.  The small size of most wireless security cameras makes it possible to put them into out-of-the way places. Also, because there are no attached cables, it is very easy to conceal a wireless security camera. This is good if you want to monitor a babysitter or housekeeper in your home. It also works well to monitor employee activities when you are not in your business.

Wireless security cameras typically come with cost savings

As described above, wired cameras connect with the video recording device via cables pulled through walls. Installing even a single camera can be labor intensive, which drives up installation costs. Plus, wired cameras tend to be more expensive than their wireless counterparts.   Despite being wireless, the signal from wireless cameras is usually of the same or higher quality than wired cameras. The technology is digital and it keeps improving all the time.

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