Technology has changed the way you can secure your home. Home security systems have improved and no longer require those complicated and often confusing panels with limited options. Today, you can secure your home, your family, and your entire property with better protection and new user-friendly features the older versions could never offer. Smart Home security systems use the newest technology to put you in control and connected to your home in ways never offered before. You can install a home security system in your house that will allow you to monitor any activity occurring on your property from anywhere. If you travel frequently, this system can be accessed from your electronic device so you can view and monitor all activity. If any unauthorized entries occur or if any of your appliances malfunction while you’re away, you will receive an alert. Imagine your air conditioner stops working during one of Texas’s hottest days. With a Smart Home security system, you will know immediately and be able to order repair service right away. There are other reasons why Smart Home Security is the smart choice.

Smart Home Security that is Easier to Use

Smart Home security systems allow you to stay aware of what is occurring on your property with an easy to use app. There are wireless cameras and image sensors installed in and around your home or business that are integrated with your system that allow you to see what is happening through your tablet or smartphone devices.

Smart Home Security is Always Active

Unlike systems of yesterday, Smart Home security systems do not have to be activated before you leave home. These systems are always active and keep you informed of what is happening at your home with email or real-time text alerts. You will know if someone has opened a window, held your door open too long, or entered your home even if they’re using a key.  Smart Home security can even be applied to drawers or cabinets where you keep valuables to alert if these areas have opened.

Smart Home Security with Improved Technology

Smart Home security systems use state-of-the-art equipment and can protect against more vulnerabilities than earlier programs as they offer a tamper-proof connection to your emergency services. Criminals often try to disconnect wires to a home to gain entry or destroy control panels once inside, but the Smart Home systems cannot be disconnected with either of these acts. The cellular connections with these home security systems will still send a distress signal even if your panel is smashed.

Smart Home Security for Your Whole Home

With the Smart Home security system, you can turn your entire house into a smart home. You can connect it to your garage door opener, smart lighting, and even add a smart thermostat. You will have complete control of your home from one single app to make your life safer and more efficient. If you leave home and forget to set locks, you can engage them from any location.

Smart Home Security is a Professional System

Smart Home security systems are built with professional security standards. You will be supported by professional providers with a 24/7 monitoring station and emergency response. You and your home will have continuous protection whether you are home or away. 1st Alarm is your best source for a Smart Home security system. Their knowledgeable and experienced team can provide you with the peace of mind you need to make your life safer, smarter, and completely protected.

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