Just like your video surveillance system and your security system, an access control system is an essential piece of the physical security systems that are necessary when it comes to protecting your Amarillo TX business property, your employees, your patrons, your assets and especially your sensitive data from unwanted intrusion, damage, theft or misuse.

Protect Your Business with Access Control

An access control system is designed to deliver maximum protection whether your business consists of commercial offices in a strip mall or in a high-rise building. Healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, educational facilities and industrial plants are only a few of the examples of Amarillo TX businesses that need an access control system. An access control is the perfect accompaniment to your existing commercial security system and video surveillance system.

Access control and video surveillance

A video surveillance system enhances the effectiveness of your access control system and vice versa. Video surveillance is becoming commonplace throughout commercial buildings and related facilities. Security cameras keep a watchful eye on warehouses and parking lots. Schools and universities have found video surveillance to be a key element in their security posture.  Access control systems enhanced by video surveillance systems continue to become more and more popular and have contributed to the decrease in criminal behavior in and around Amarillo TX businesses that implement them as part of their security measures.

Key benefits of access control

  • Prevent unwanted access or intrusions
  • Minimize disruptions to business operations
  • Protect employees and patrons from unauthorized intruders
  • Limit employee movements during and after business hours
  • Protect sensitive and proprietary data from unauthorized access or theft
  • Protect inventory and equipment from theft or misuse
  • Reduce costs associated with managing physical keys

Access control designed to meet your unique security needs

From electronic locks to a series of locks within a server rack in a physical data center, access control systems can take various forms, When choosing an access control system for your business, it’s important to consider what your business requires for its size, as well as the different types of access control systems available to you. Careful assessment of security needs and goals will help you select a system that best matches your needs for a more secure building that is safe from intruders, criminals, and potentially disgruntled employees

Access control is more than just a lock and key

Access control systems are able to maintain all-around safety for you Amarillo TX business, but they do so in more ways than simply locking a few doors. Access control systems provide you with a better way to monitor who is accessing your facility and the data within your facility while also being able to protect that information and increase your protection against a data breach.

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