The Importance of Functioning Fire Alarm Systems Within Your HomeMoments matter when a fire begins to consume a residential structure. As the fire engulfs the home it will consume precious oxygen, make corridors impassable and block routes of escape. Often, it is mere seconds that separate survivors from fire victims. A fire alarm system gives homeowners the moments and seconds they need to get everyone in the family out of the home and away from danger.

Fires Have Voracious Appetites

Many people are surprised to learn that fires can double in size every minute. Depending on the fuel sources available, a fire can go from smoldering to free burning in seconds. The heat and smoke generated during the combustion process can ignite confusion, fear, and make it impossible to evacuate.

The typical house fire burns at temperatures exceeding 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire alarm systems equipped with heat detectors are designed to detect the growth of a fire. When the heat detector and sensors determine a rapid rise in temperature is occurring within the home, they trigger the alarm. This trigger point is usually set somewhere between 117 and 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, fire alarm systems are designed to detect fire early before it has had a chance to engulf rooms and passageways in flame.

Fire Alarm Systems Save the Day

Fire alarm systems are designed to sound when they detect the slightest whiffs of smoke and heat. This alerts you, your family, and those in the immediate vicinity to the presence of a fire.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that the fatality rate within homes that do not have a properly functioning fire alarm system is more than twice as high as for those that do. Without question, a fire alarm gives homeowners the immediate warning and precious seconds needed to evacuate the home.

Fire Alarm Systems Provide Peace of Mind

When everyone’s tucked in for the night and drifting off to dream, the whole family can rest easy knowing that the fire alarm system is keeping a vigilant guard over the home. As visions of sugarplums and sheep waft through your minds, you can relax knowing that the fire alarm system is making sure puffs of smoke aren’t wafting through the home.

This peace of mind is even greater when your fire alarm system is connected to a home automation system or a home security system. Doing so makes it possible to monitor your home and keep it safe from fire when you are out of town on business or enjoying a relaxing vacation.

Fire Alarm Systems are Affordable Investments

Fire alarm systems are inexpensive investments in protection. Thus, alarms can be placed in every room within the home without burning a hole in your wallet. Moreover, insurance companies love homeowners who install fire alarm systems. These companies offer discounted premiums and deductibles to homeowners who install fire alarm systems in key positions within the home such as the kitchen, laundry room, bedrooms, garage, etc.

Moreover, monitored fire alarm systems that trigger an immediate response from the fire department can also help protect property. Because fires grow rapidly, the minutes a monitored system saves can help protect personal possessions and the structure. This can make it easier and less expensive to recover and rebuild from the ashes.

No one ever expects to have a house fire. It is a tragic experience that happens to “someone else” until the day it happens to you. Homeowners who install and maintain fire alarm systems within their home will be ready when and if that day ever comes.

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