Securing your home in Abilene TX with a modern wireless home security system is a must.  It is also important to make sure you and your family members understand the proper operation of your home security system. You cannot expect the system to operate at its top capability if you don’t take the necessary steps to maintain your system.  A home security system that is operated properly and maintained properly will do its part in keeping you, your family and your Abilene TX home safe and secure.

Make sure everyone in your family knows how to operate your home security system properly

False alarms frequently happen because someone does not know how to properly operate your home security system. Everyone in your Abilene TX household should know the basic operation steps involved in arming and disarming the system.  Everyone should know who to call in the event of a known false alarm to ensure the local Abilene TX authorities do not respond to a false alarm.

Conduct regular tests

When you first have your home security system installed, the installing technician will test it out to ensure it is working properly. After installation, it is up to you, the Abilene TX homeowner, to perform monthly checks to verify your system continues to function as designed when needed. Whenever routine testing identifies a problem or potential issue with your home security system be sure to notify your Abilene TX security provider so that the system can be returned to proper operation as soon as possible.

Keep security codes close to the vest but ensure everyone who needs to use the code knows what the latest and current code is

It is recommend that you change your alarm codes regularly in order to maximum security. If you do change your code, make sure everyone in your family knows of the change.

Locate panic buttons in a safe but accessible location

When it comes to your Abilene TX home security system panic buttons or panic fob, make sure they are in a safe location that will minimize the possibility that they can be accidentally hit or activated.. For example, don’t put panic buttons near a light switch where they might be mistaken for a different device.

Don’t forget to ensure house guests know when your home alarm system is armed

If you have house guests that will be staying in your Abilene TX home, be sure they known when your home security system has been armed so that they don’t cause false alarms.

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