Commercial fire alarm systems will provide warning of a danger to occupants so they have time to evacuate a property and prevent serious injuries or even death. Technology has made it possible for these systems to pinpoint the exact location of the heat or smoke that’s of concern inside your building. There are some older versions of fire alarm systems still in use which may be using buzzers or belt methods. If you are interested in updating or inspecting your fire alarm system, contact 1st Alarm Fire Today.

Inspecting Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Local authorities and insurance carriers require routine inspections of commercial fire alarm systems. As a business owner, you are responsible for scheduling and ensuring these inspections are carried out within the specified time frame. An inspection by a certified technician will give you confirmation that your system and all its components are in proper working condition. The technician will also make sure there has been no damage to your system or anything that would impair its operation. With each inspection, you should also compile documentation that the system and its components have been checked and found to be in proper working condition.

When to Schedule Commercial Fire Alarm System Inspection

Having a schedule for your inspections and following through with them is vital to catching problems before they become costly repairs. There are some components of a commercial fire alarm system that should be inspected monthly or even weekly, but full system checks should be scheduled quarterly, semiannually or at the very minimum annually. Check with your local authorities or insurance carrier as they may have time limits on the intervals between inspections.

Testing Your Commercial Fire Alarm System

Inspecting your commercial fire alarm system involves running operational tests to make sure the smoke detectors, batteries, and notification appliances are performing correctly. The sensitivity of the smoke detectors is verified, the audibility of the notification system is checked, and batteries are checked for corrosion and expiration date. When all the components and the full system has been checked and verified, you should receive a complete report from the technician stating all steps of inspection have been conducted.

Maintaining Your Commercial Fire Alarm System

It is easy to overlook maintenance of your commercial fire alarm system if you aren’t experiencing any difficulties with its operation. The problem with not performing routine maintenance of your system means there could be small issues developing that could turn into serious repairs. 1st Alarm Fire can discuss a maintenance schedule with you to keep your system in top working condition.

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