If you own a large office building or warehouse, installing a commercial fire alarm system is imperative to keeping your employees and your property safe from fire, smoke damage and possible injuries. Here are five reasons why you should install a commercial fire alarm system in your warehouse or business.

A Commercial Fire Alarm System Can Help Prevent Property Damage

The main reason to install a commercial fire alarm system is of course to prevent fires from happening. An advanced, commercial system should detect even the slightest amount of smoke, allowing you and the fire department to respond as soon as possible so that smoke does not turn into a large, damaging fire. With a professionally installed commercial fire alarm system, you’ll be able to stop the spread of a fire in your building. With advanced features such as automatic-closing doors, illuminated exits and high-tech sprinkler systems, you can better prevent property damage in your business.

Reach the Fire Department Quickly With A Commercial Fire Alarm System

With a commercial fire alarm system, your smoke and fire detection system will connect automatically to the local fire department. In the case of an emergency, authorities will be notified immediately. This will reduce the amount of stress on you and your employees during a smoke or fire emergency. Instead of worrying about calling and reporting the fire, people can focus on evacuating the building and helping those in need.

Get 24-Hour Protection

Instead of fire alarms that may only warn you of smoke when you are present in the building, a professionally installed commercial fire alarm system will provide around-the-clock protection for your building and property. Access your alarm system remotely to check for any alarms, and have peace of mind knowing that your fire alarm system will automatically contact the fire department in the case of an after-hours emergency.

Keep Employees Safe

With a professionally installed fire alarm system, you can easily train your employees on how to operate and monitor the system. In the case of smoke or fire, they should be able to safely exit the building and know that the alarm system will connect with the fire department. An alarm system with automatic sprinklers or self-closing doors will protect further damage or injury from occurring.

Integrate an Alarm System

Another reason to install a commercial fire alarm system is to have the ability to integrate a security alarm system. A professionally installed, monitored system normally provides the option to integrate a security alarm system complete with video surveillance and motion detectors alongside your fire alarm system. Control all of your security devices from the same place and be able to access these systems remotely with advanced features.

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