Fire alarm technology has advanced greatly in the past couple of decades. In the past, fire sensors could send an audible alarm, but it still required a human to call for emergency services. Those days are long gone. Modern fire alert technology can make your business much safer and it could even help save lives.

Advances in safety, sensitivity and reliability

Multi-criteria fire detectors are more sensitive to detecting fire and heat. Instead of relying on one sensor type to detect a fire, these detectors use multiple criteria. It can be a combination of smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, ion, or other indicators. This helps the detector know the difference between a fire and harmless smoke caused by processes like welding.

Addressable heads make it possible to determine exactly where a fire is within a building or complex. In the past, fire panels could only indicate the zone in which the fire was detected. Addressable heads can guide firefighters to the heart of the fire. This is especially important in large buildings, like schools, assisted living facilities, and major warehouse complexes.

Indicator appliances can tell firefighters if a space is occupied. This can bring rescuers to the places where people may be trapped, saving lives in the process.

Electromagnetic door holders make it possible to isolate pockets of fire. Magnets on the door connect with the electrical system, holding the door open. When a fire is detected, the electromagnets are disconnected from the electricity, which causes the doors to swing shut. This helps isolate the fire and slow its spread.

Alarm panels have become far more user friendly. The sheer complexity of alarm system panels used to stump even the most technically inclined. Those days are gone. Easy to use menu systems navigated with touch panels and touch pads makes it easier to manage the system.

Voice alarms are more effective than bells or chimes. Research has shown people respond better to voice commands than to random sounds. Technology has made it possible to add voice alarms to existing alarm systems.

These are just a few of the advancements in technologies which have revolutionized commercial fire alarm systems. If your fire alarm system was installed 10 or more years ago, you should consider making a few upgrades. It could save your business or, more importantly, save lives.

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