One of the first questions people ask before installing a wireless home security system is just how effective it will be at deterring crime. While security systems are definitely getting cheaper in price, they are still an investment and people want to know it is going to do what it needs to do. So the real question is “Can wireless home security systems really stop crime?”  Let’s be honest. A security system is not going to stop every criminal with the intent of doing something nefarious. However, a wireless home security system can deter many criminals from acting in the first place.  Research shows that wireless home security systems are in fact very good at reducing residential crime.  Here is the proof.

Need proof that wireless home security systems reduce crime?

A study conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte surveyed 422 convicted burglars about how they picked their targets. The study found that 83 percent of these burglars attempted to find out if a target had an home security system in place, before committing a crime at the location. Sixty percent said, if they found evidence of a home security system, they would find a different target.

The same study found that if a burglar found a home security system while trying to break in, fifty percent would have discontinued the attempt and another 31 percent would sometimes discontinue.

Another study conducted by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice found that the presence of home security systems actually did decrease crime. The study found that an obvious home security system made a house less attractive to potential burglars.

How can you protect your home?

Adding a wireless home security system is definitely the action to take if you want to keep yourself, your house, and your family safer. And the best news is that going wireless makes it easier than ever.

Wireless home security systems are less expensive to install and maintain than a hardwired system. The sensors can be set up anywhere in the home without worrying about fishing wire through the walls. This makes them easy to adjust and to relocate if needed.

Wireless home security systems also offer the option of adding security cameras. This adds additional security for your home. And burglars definitely do not like their images being captured while in the midst of committing a criminal act.

If you are interested in boosting the security of your home, adding a wireless home security system will do the trick. It is easy to install and much lower cost than a wired system. You also have the option of adding remote monitoring to make sure your home is secure whether you are home or not.

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