Teaching your kids about home security can be difficult. You don’t want to make them feel insecure in their own Midland TX home, but you want them to understand that there can be threats to their safety. When you have a professionally installed home security system, it makes your loved ones feel more secure, and it makes it easier for you to teach them what to do in an emergency situation.

What to teach them

With working parents, many kids are left home alone – especially during breaks and summer vacation.  It is important to establish a protocol and specific guidelines for your children’s time alone.

Family discussion. During dinner or any time when you don’t have distractions is a good time to talk about serious subjects such as home security. You can use this time to discuss your Midland TX home’s security system. They should be aware of a plan of action in case of an emergency such as medical, fire or intrusion.

Teach your children how to use your home’s security system. If your kids are old enough to be left alone, they are old enough to understand how to activate and use your home’s security system. They should know what to say to the monitoring agent if one is contacted, as well as what to say if the alarm has been accidentally activated. Discuss how to avoid accidentally triggering your security system. False alarms can be costly and use Midland TX first responder resources unnecessarily. Talk to your security system technician if false alarms happen frequently. Long curtains, plants, pets or small children could be triggering sensors and the sensors may need to be repositioned.

Call your security system experts.

You can also call the Midland TX professionals who installed your security system and ask them to come out to talk to your kids about the specific system that is in your home. They are experts in explaining the details of the system, how it was set up, and how to use it.

Your children need to memorize keypad or passcodes if your security system uses them. They must understand that this information is not to be shared with anyone outside of the family. Also, underscore that they are not to disarm the system without permission – and NEVER for a stranger.

Have some fun with teaching about home security by doing emergency drills. Give your kids a scenario where they go through the steps they would take if they were home alone. Revisit this information on a regular basis to show that they haven’t forgotten.

Besides the security steps you have taught them – make sure they know to call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency.

Safety practices

A home security system is a safeguard to help protect your Midland TX family, home and property in the case of an emergency. This isn’t to say that daily safety precautions shouldn’t be taken. Don’t give your children a false sense of security due to your home’s security system.

Educate them well, so they know what to do in every emergency scenario. If they are taught properly they won’t panic but will react automatically if an emergency should occur.

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