When looking to install fire alarms and fire monitoring systems in your office building, small retail establishment or your home – commercial fire alarm systems can save you money in the long run. Your basic smoke detectors and alarms may work great, but having a commercially installed fire alarm system takes fire safety to the next level. Having a fire alarm system professionally installed guarantees you’re prepared – not to mention protects your building, belongings and most importantly the people in them from a potential fire. You’ll be able to prevent a lot of damage should a fire happen and it will be easy to get ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba in to repair any fire damage rather than having to look for a new building for your business after your current one burns down.

Save money with commercial fire alarm systems

You may think the cost of a commercial fire alarm system would be astronomical, but the opposite is quite true. For a home or a small office building, fire alarm systems can be installed at a reasonable price. With the addition of a 24/7 monitoring service, your fire protection system will be well worth the investment if it prevents or minimizes even one potential fire. The cost of recovery far exceeds the fire alarm system investment thus cost savings can be very significant.

A quick response with professionally installed fire alarm systems

Having your fire alarm system professionally installed can save you big time in the future. The initial cost is just a drop in the bucket if you think of what you will save in potential losses thanks to a quick response time. With a professional system that alerts you instantly in the case of smoke or fire and a continuous monitoring service that connects to the fire department, you are more likely to receive an immediate response from firefighters and save thousands of dollars in damage and the priceless lives of your family, friends, employees and pets.

Save money on insurance with commercial fire alarm systems

The monthly cost of a monitoring service for your commercial fire alarm system can be offset by the amount you may save on your business insurance. Insurance companies often offer discounts for systems that guarantee their investment in your office or warehouse. If a fire alarm system will save damage to the building during night hours, when you’re on vacation, or in the case of arson – you and the insurance company are better off. The average savings can be up to 20% for a fire alarm monitoring system. Contact your insurance provider to find out if installing a fire alarm system will lower your premiums and save you money.

Fire safety first with fire alarm systems

Commercial fire alarm systems will not only save you money by preventing destructive fire damage, loss of belongings and detrimental injuries – but they will also ensure your home or office is prepared in the event of an emergency. Practicing good fire safety and acknowledging the importance of fire safety education will give you, your family and your employees the tools needed to avoid unnecessary loss and injury in the event of a fire. Prepare today for could happen tomorrow – with a commercial fire alarm system for your work or home.

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