If you are considering a commercial security system for your San Angelo TX business, take the short route to success and contact 1st Alarm San Angelo. If you are one of those business owners that think having a commercial security system is optional and not necessarily worth the investment, think again. Your business is exactly what burglars, intruders and dishonest sticky finger employees are looking for.  Your potential business losses far exceed the costs associated with installing and monitoring a commercial security system. Bottom line, pay me now or pay me later since your risk are more real than you think. The benefits of having a professionally installed and continuously monitored commercial security system, simply put, are the safety and protection of you, your employees, your customers, your business and in short your livelihood.  Here are some of the things you need to consider when you are deciding on a commercial security system or simply contact 1st Alarm San Angelo and let them walk you through their integrated solutions to your security needs.

Access control

Do you know who is going in and out of your business?  Do you need to know this information? Do you need to know that everyone has left for the day and that noone, employees or customers, are still hanging around waiting for an opportunity to do harm? Do you need to restrict access to only certain individuals to specific areas within your business? What do you do when an employee leaves or is terminated? What if you had a truly integrated commercial security system that included access control features customized to your business needs? If any of these questions apply to you and your San Angelo business you need to contact 1st Alarm San Angelo for a complete evaluation of your commercial security system and access control needs.  1st Alarm San Angelo has the equipment and the expertise to give you that line of defense you need to protect your assets.

Video surveillance

Do you have areas within your business or property where intruders might hide before striking?  Do you need to monitor the daily activities in your business to know if employees are stealing or ignoring their duties?  Do you find your inventory declining and the only possible answer is shoplifters have been unusually successful? Do you have security people on staff but even they can’t be everywhere at once? Again, if any of these questions apply to you and your San Angelo business you need to contact 1st Alarm San Angelo for a complete evaluation of your commercial security system and video surveillance system needs.  1st Alarm San Angelo has the equipment and the expertise to give you the extra sets of eyes you need to continuously monitor all aspects of your business and help you keep your business on a track to profitability.

Smoke and fire detectors

Integrated commercial security systems are not limited to access control and video monitoring capabilities.  One of the greatest threats to any business is loss due to fire. Even a small fire, left undetected, can spread quickly and become a devastating blaze consuming everything in its wake. If or when an emergency happens at your business make sure you have installed a fully integrated commercial security system from 1st Alarm San Angelo that includes smoke detectors, fire detectors and continuous alert monitoring. Rapid detection and timely notification to your Midland TX first responders could mean the difference between saving your business or watching it destroyed. Having this level of protection will provide you with peace of mind that you are sure to agree is worth every penny.

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