Installing a home alarm system in Lubbock TX comes with the responsibility of paying monthly fees, arming and disarming the system, and handling false alarms. While these factors may be a bit of hassle, the benefits of having home alarm systems greatly outweigh the negative aspects. The following details the top ten (10) reasons why a home security system from 1st Alarm Lubbock may be an asset for you and your loved ones.

Home alarm systems can help deter crime in Lubbock

Simply having a home security system is enough to send many burglars running the other way. If someone is looking to rob houses in a particular neighborhood in Lubbock, they’re much more likely to start with houses that don’t have home security systems.

Home alarm systems help protect your valuables

A home security system is a simple and effective way to ensure that your valuable items stay safe. From expensive jewelry to priceless family heirlooms, any item that has a high value to you and your family should be well protected.

Home alarm systems can be used to enable remote home access

Modern wireless home security systems allow you to control a wide range of home systems remotely. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to arm and disarm the system, turn on and off lights, and lock and unlock doors from any location in or outside of Lubbock. If you live in a neighbourhood (like the neighbourhood seen at this also could be helpful as you could remotely unlock the house and allow them to check on it, if you were on holiday for example!

Home alarm systems help protect your kids

Many Lubbock homeowners install security cameras with their home alarm systems to keep an eye on their houses while they’re not there, which includes monitoring kids who are home alone.

Home alarm systems can actually lower energy consumption and related costs

Quite a few home security providers in Lubbock and the surrounding area offer smart thermostats and outlets. These features allow you to turn lights on and off while you’re on vacation, turn off devices that got left on by accident (i.e. curling iron), and adjust the thermostat as needed.

Home alarm systems can alert you in the event of a fire emergency

Every Lubbock homeowner’s worst nightmare is to come back from a week long vacation and find that a fire or gas leak caused major issues and damage. It takes just thirty seconds for a small flame to turn into a full blown fire. You can use your home security system to notify the authorities and response personnel instantly in the event of a home emergency such as a fire.

Home alarm systems can alert you when harmful gases exist in your home

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be released from a number of household items including gas ranges and heating systems. As the human senses can’t detect carbon monoxide, it can poison people without them even knowing it. Consider purchasing carbon monoxide detectors are part of your home security system.

Home alarm systems can reduce homeowner’s insurance

Installing a home security system in Lubbock TX can lower your homeowner’s insurance as much as 20 percent. Many insurance companies offer other discounts and benefits for home alarm system owners as well. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about this valuable discount.

Home alarm systems can help you get medical assistance when needed

Home security systems have emergency features such as panic buttons or codes that can be an additional aid to have emergency responders dispatched to your home. Calling 911 is always the best route to take but it is nice to have backup methods of getting help when you need it.

Home alarm systems provide peace of mind

Finally, having the assurance that your Lubbock home is protected around the clock, whether or not you’re there, helps you feel safe and confident, enabling you to be healthier with less stress, be more focused, and be more productive when your mind is at ease.

Modern wireless home alarm systems are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to relocate. Whether you rent or own a home, you can reap the benefits that come with having a home alarm system. Start exploring your home alarm system options today.

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