Once upon a time, installing home security systems involved running wires through the whole house and connecting the system to the security provider via a telephone line. Analog security systems are now outdated and not nearly as safe as their newer counterparts. A skilled burglar knows which line to cut to render a wired security system useless. A wireless system operates as normal through the cellular network even if a line is cut or there’s a power outage. The future of safety for a modern Amarillo family and their property lies in wireless home security systems.

 Simple, affordable installation and maintenance

Wired home security systems require involved electrical installation including electrical leads, circuit testing, and wireless stripping. The installation also involves the physical installation, which may include wiring the system around existing home features (i.e. granite countertop, pipes). An experienced Amarillo Texas security professional will get your wireless home security system up and running in a matter of hours without drilling holes or installing wires.

Flexibility to replace, add, or upgrade security features at any time

If you’re running older video surveillance, you can update your system to high definition, wide angle cameras without replacing the entire system. If you run into any issues, your Amarillo home security provider will be able to diagnose and fix most problems remotely. Fixing a problem over the phone or via online chat saves you the inconvenience and expense of a home visit. Many wireless home security systems boast their own troubleshooting programs, letting you know of issues that do arise so you can address them as soon as possible.

State of the art video surveillance

Digital surveillance cameras capture and store more video than analog systems. The video they capture is highly superior to analog footage as well. Modern digital video cameras feature high definition clarity and wide viewing angles. The footage allows homeowners to see exactly what’s happening in and around their properties. In the event that a criminal gets on the premises, you have clear footage to present to local Amarillo law enforcement, increasing the likelihood that they catch the criminal.

Discounted insurance

Insurance companies offer a number of discounts to customers who make their homes safer, such as living in a gated community, belonging to a homeowners association (HOA), installing a sprinkler system, and installing home security systems. Having a home alarm system may save you as much as 20 percent on your home insurance bill. Adding other security features to the system, such as carbon monoxide, smoke, and flood detectors may save you even more money.

Smart home features

Wireless technology allows you to control a wide array of home systems from virtually any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access. You can arm and disarm the security system, watch real time video footage, access archived footage, receive activity notifications, lock and unlock your doors and windows, turn off and on your lights, and adjust the thermostat. You’ll never have to leave a work meeting early to make sure you locked your front door or call a neighbor while on vacation to check on the porch lights again.

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