Video Surveillance Keeps an Eye on Your Midland Texas Business Even When You Are Not AroundModern wireless technology has made video surveillance an affordable, convenient security solution for Midland TX and Odessa TX businesses of all sizes. Once upon a time, business video camera systems were reserved for government buildings and big corporations. Now it’s possible to protect small and large businesses alike around the clock with video surveillance without breaking the bank. If you’ve been on the fence about installing video surveillance on your Midland, TX company premises, consider the following benefits video security camera systems offer for businesses.

Video surveillance deters potential criminals

Most burglars will steer clear of a building with video surveillance. When you install a new security system, place a security system sign in a high traffic area and make sure at least one video camera is visible. When a burglar is considering a robbery in a given area, he’ll be more likely to skip over your Midland TX property completely, as the security system isn’t worth the hassle. If you don’t like the aesthetic of security cameras, select one or two visible cameras and then conceal the remainder of the system.

Video surveillance keeps employees accountable

Similarly, video surveillance also deters your own employees from criminal activity. Many employees don’t think twice about taking a long lunch break or playing games on their work computers. They’re less likely to engage in this type of behavior when they know video surveillance cameras are running. Increased productivity in the office drives more business and consequently, more revenue. A video surveillance security system helps a Midland or Odessa company handle minor offenses as soon as they occur. An employee may attempt a small financial theft before planning a larger theft. When you can head off the minor issue right away, you’ll prevent a much more serious crime.

Video surveillance protects the company against lawsuits and other claims

Even under the best circumstances in a great work environment, you never know when issues may occur. An employee will accuse another employee of sexual harassment, and suddenly, the accusation escalates quickly. Without video surveillance, you’re at the mercy of one employee’s word against another employee’s word. Video footage provides a clear record of exactly what has happened, which is critical for clearing up problems within the workplace and serving as evidence in a courtroom. Keep archived footage for a minimum of one year. An employee may not come forward with an issue until months after it’s happened. Retaining the video footage ensures you’re covering your bases.

Video surveillance can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your business

Wireless video surveillance systems offer the flexibility you need to tailor the system for your specific business. Your Midland TX and Odessa TX commercial video surveillance provider will work with you to determine your security needs and design a system to address those needs within your budget. As your security or business needs change, you can increase or decrease the number of cameras on the premises. You can also change the location of the cameras or upgrade certain components without having to replace the entire system. When you are ready to make a larger upgrade, the process is simple and non-intrusive, ensuring your new system will be up and running in a matter of hours. No matter what kind of business you have or how large (or small) your property is, video surveillance systems are great options for commercial security. Keep an eye on your property when you’re away, monitor your property and prevent theft with a video surveillance system.

Choosing a video surveillance system is the best choice in commercial security and home security.

If your business is in the Midland or Odessa, Texas area it is time to contact a professional commercial video surveillance company to protect yourself, your property, and your employees. They can provide you invaluable protection for what’s most important in your life.

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