Fire is the worst nightmare of any business owner. The amount of damage and loss that occurs with fire can never be replaced. A fire also threatens the safety of employees and in some cases your customers. A fire can literally ruin your business or cause horrific human loss. The best way to prevent this type of loss and damage from occurring is to perform commercial fire alarm inspections.

Benefits of Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections

Businesses and most homes have fire alarms systems installed in them. When you construct a new commercial building, you will be required to follow a fire code as to the type of alarm system is needed. Along with following which alarm system you install, you will also be required to schedule regular commercial fire alarm inspections.

The benefit of having an inspection will ensure the system is working properly. You do not want to learn of a malfunction at the time of a fire breaking out. The fire alarm inspections will make sure your system is working to cut down on losses and make sure everyone has a chance to leave your building safely. The inspection will help determine other fire safety procedures.

Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections and Other Safety Procedures

Having a fire alarm inspection will ensure your system is properly working and will alert you at the first sign of fire.  During this time other safety procedures are reviewed in your building. A fire alarm inspection will also make sure there are no blocked doorways, and that fire exits are clearly posted.

A professional fire inspector will make sure you have enough exits from your building and that you do not exceed the maximum occupancy. During their inspection, it is also checked to ensure there are no highly flammable substances placed in dangerous areas and that your extinguishers are placed correctly.

Fire Drills

Commercial fire alarm inspections cover a lot of safety procedures to help keep your business, customers, and employees safe in the case of a fire. A fire drill will be conducted to make sure everyone is aware of the fastest route to an exit. Everyone needs to know how and where to exit in case of a fire so there is no panic which could lead to unnecessary injuries. These drills should be practiced several times a year; outside of the fire alarm inspection.

Installing a commercial fire alarm system in your business will help to assure employees are not in danger if a fire breaks out. The alarm will alert you and others to leave the building quickly and call for help to reduce the amount of damage the fire can cause. Commercial fire alarm inspections are your insurance to make sure the system is working and can perform properly. A fire alarm inspection is not only required, but it’s also necessary.

The 1st Alarm Team Understands your Commercial Fire Alarm System needs

The team at 1st Alarm understands that you will have many burning questions on your mind when it comes time to choose the right commercial fire alarm system to protect your property.

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