Once upon a time video surveillance technology was limited to government buildings and large corporations. Digital advances have made it easy and affordable to install video cameras in virtually any modern digital security system. From small family homes to sizable commercial properties, video surveillance systems ensure accurate around the clock surveillance. If you’re still not convinced, consider the following benefits video surveillance systems have to offer for homeowners and business owners in Amarillo TX.

Straightforward, cost effective installation, maintenance, and upgrades

Digital security systems are much simpler to install than their analog counterparts. Digital technology allows a system to run multiple video cameras without complex wires. You don’t have to drill holes and run wires all over your Amarillo TX home or office. In the event that you want to move the system, simply take the hardware with you. When you’re ready to switch out a component that’s no longer functioning or needs to be upgraded, the necessary part can be simply changed without having to replace the entire system. As your security needs change, you can scale your security system up or down with ease.

Video surveillance systems incorporate distributed intelligence

It seems like a great idea to capture video footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, who has the time to watch every single second of the footage? Modern software programs monitor digital video feeds and use movement pattern recognition to pick up specific behaviors, events, and activities. When video surveillance systems detect unusual actions, alerts are generated and sent to the Amarillo TX security system monitoring team.

Video surveillance systems help reduce theft and vandalism

The mere presence of security cameras is enough to send most potential burglars in the other direction. When a whole block of homes or an entire business park in Amarillo TX is equipped with video surveillance systems, criminals are more likely to avoid it altogether. If you don’t like the aesthetic of video security cameras, consider leaving one or two cameras visible and concealing the rest of the cameras. Modern video cameras provide high definition images and wide viewing angles. If you do face theft or vandalism, you’ll have quality footage for law enforcement, increasing the chances of prosecuting suspects.

Video surveillance systems offer remote monitoring

Digital technology allows you to monitor your video surveillance systems’ feed from virtually any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet capability. Use the device of your choosing to log into the system and view a live stream or access archived footage.

Increased accountability

While most employees aren’t going to steal from a company outright, they are less likely to take extended lunch breaks or play games on their work computers when they know that there are video cameras running. Similarly, most kids won’t throw wild parties while they’re parents are at work, but they may watch inappropriate movies or eat lots of junk food.

Thanks to the recent advances in digital technology, there are a wide range of video surveillance systems on the market. It may be tough to determine which system is the best fit for your budget and security needs. Read comprehensive, unbiased online reviews, and talk to family and friends with video camera systems. Once you’ve narrowed down a handful of systems, consult with their representatives to make a final decision. It may seem like a lot of work to choose a video surveillance system, but it will be well worth it for the peace of mind it will provide for your home or business.

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