Having a video surveillance system is critical if you want to keep your business secure. Before you sign a contract or start ordering equipment, you need to consider what you want to do with a commercial video surveillance system. There are many things to consider including what you want to monitor, resolution types, how you will monitor the video, and what types of cameras you will use.

What do you want to monitor?

Think about the reason you want a commercial video surveillance system in the first place. Do you want to monitor who is coming and going out the front door? Do you need to see who and what is going in and out of the back door or monitor customers and employees? Do you want exterior cameras to help deter potential criminal activity?

What type of resolution do you need?

You can get cameras for your commercial video surveillance system in a wide range of resolutions. The lowest resolution cameras will record basic shapes and colors, but not the details that would help you identify a license number or a face. The highest resolution cameras give you enough detail to read the smallest lettering on a shirt logo and there are plenty of options in between.

How will the video be monitored?

The standard option for monitoring a commercial video surveillance system is to feed the video to a recording device and review it when needed. Another video surveillance option is to have live feeds that an employee or security contractor can monitor. You can even have a live feed that is sent across the internet that you can watch on a cellular device. This option allows you to connect with your video surveillance system and see who is coming and going and what might be happening in the background.

What type of cameras do you need?

To monitor the outside of your business, you will need cameras that are built to be weatherproof. Indoor and outdoor cameras for your commercial video surveillance system also need to be hardened to prevent vandalism.

Infrared cameras offer you the ability to monitor what is going on at night or in dim conditions. This type uses infrared light to illuminate the area so it can capture the action. Day or night security cameras work well in low-light situations and have chips that are extremely light sensitive. While this type does not work in absolute darkness, it does work in low-light conditions like moonlight or street lighting.

Another type for your commercial video surveillance system is the bullet camera, which is small and compact. This camera is perfect for monitoring areas in secret and is lower in cost than many others. The bullet camera is easy to install and manage. Even smaller than the bullet camera is the mini security camera. This type can be smaller than a matchbook but still have good resolution and is easy to hide.

Dome cameras are standard in the video surveillance systems of many retail establishments and are professional and streamlined in appearance. This type can blend into any color ceiling for unobtrusive observation and can be hardened to prevent vandalism.

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