Proper Positioning of Video Surveillance CamerasThere are different reasons for businesses to decide it’s time to install video surveillance cameras in their buildings or outside on the property. One big reason is to reduce and prevent theft, and some want to monitor employee behaviors. Some businesses have been able to improve productivity by installing video surveillance cameras, especially factories. In the retail sector, video surveillance cameras have resolved many disputes that arise between employees and the public. Whatever the reason is for your need in putting video surveillance in your business, the first decision is where to position them.

Conduct an Analysis

To determine the best place to install your video surveillance cameras, begin by performing an analysis. Choosing which security camera works best takes the same consideration as where you are going to place one. The security cameras that ‘pan’ from side to side are not the best choice as they can be pointing to the left, while an incident occurs on the left. The best financial sense is to use two Megapixel video surveillance cameras versus the ‘pan’ style.

Choosing a Location for Video Surveillance Cameras

If you are changing your video surveillance camera to a newer model, you may want to look around the environment and see if there have been any changes. Look to see if trees have grown any taller or any other structures added that might obstruct the view of the surveillance camera. If you are purchasing a new video surveillance system, check the surface of the area you intend to mount the camera as it may require an additional bracket to hold it in place, depending on the camera you’ve chosen.

Night Vision and Orientation

Will your video surveillance be required through the evening hours? If you are going to need the ability to see in reduced light or even no light, you will need a security camera with infrared illuminators. To determine where to place these cameras, use your smartphone and use the compass app to find which hallways or views are Westerly or Easterly. These are the areas that will be backlit during the early morning hours and in the afternoon. These areas will need a Wide Dynamic Range camera to tone down the backlight and increase the darker area, so you are able to make out more details and not just silhouettes.

Height of the Location

If you are going to place your video surveillance cameras higher than 12 feet they will need to be a remote focus model; otherwise, you’ll need a scissor lift to reach the camera. Being able to adjust any settings on your camera remotely is a great advantage.


Most times when a person decides to enter a business illegally, they begin by checking the front and back doors first to see if they were accidentally left open. They will also check the surrounding area to see if any key has been left and knock on the door to see if anyone opens or if a dog is on the property. A video surveillance camera over the entries will capture anyone attempting to enter.

Positioning of Video Surveillance Cameras

You will save a lot of money and produce a more efficient system if your video surveillance system contains the right number of cameras and they are in the right place. Security cameras are an investment in safety and protection that offers significant dividends. They are an integral component of a security system you can depend on. Easy to set-up and operate, no business or homeowner can afford to ignore the features and flexibility they offer.

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