Over the last few years, crime, including burglary, in San Angelo, TX has risen considerably. In 2016, San Angelo was deemed safer than only 8% of other United States cities. The crime rate in San Angelo is almost twice the national average at 31.31 per 1,000 residents in San Angelo, compared to the 17.75 per 1,000 residents average across the nation. As such, a home security system is essential for protecting your home, your family, and general way of life.

Deter crime with a home security system from 1st Alarm San Angelo

Letting potential burglars know you San Angelo TX  property is protected with a security system prevents the majority of criminal activity before it even occurs. Nine times out of ten, a criminal will pass right over a home with a home security system sign posted in the yard. After you’ve installed your security system, make sure the security provider sign is highly visible, so there is no question that there is a system on the premises. Make sure at least one or two of your surveillance cameras are visible as well to further deter burglars. If you prefer a clean aesthetic, conceal the remainder of the camera system.

Install video cameras for round the clock surveillance

Once upon a time, home security cameras were expensive, reserved for wealthy homeowners with expansive estates. Modern, wireless technology has made high-quality, wide-angle home security cameras affordable, providing excellent video surveillance footage. View the live feed or access archived footage at any time. In the event criminal activity does occur, you’ll have detailed, clear footage to turn over to the San Angelo police, greatly increasing the likelihood of catching the perpetrator.

Increase fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide protection with a home security system

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors integrated into your home security system offer superior security over traditional detectors. When the system detects smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide, an alert is sent instantly, contacting the proper authorities. The quicker you address the issue, the less damage occurs. It takes mere seconds for a small flame to explode into a full-blown blaze. By the time homeowners are aware there is a carbon monoxide leak, symptoms are severe and may result in significant health issues. Time is of the essence for securing the property.

Enable smart home features

Installing a wireless home security system opens up a world of possibilities for creating a smart home, further securing your San Angelo home. You’ll never have to worry about whether you locked the front door before leaving for work or closed the windows before taking off for vacation. Instead of running home or calling a neighbor, you can secure your home from any mobile device. Smart home features include locking and unlocking the doors and windows, arming and disarming the security system, turning on and off the lights, and adjusting the temperature and humidity levels.

A home security system from 1st Alarm San Angelo provides peace of mind

Finally, you can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes with protecting your property and loved ones against crime and vandalization. Knowing that your house is secured with a home alarm system means you can sleep better at night and relax when you’re away from home. Whether you’re across town for work or out of the country on vacation, you know that your property is safe and sound.

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