Video surveillance can be seen all over local and national news casts. It is not uncommon for someone to rob a convenience store or gas station while the store’s video surveillance cameras catch them in the act. Video from these security systems helps capture thieves and deter criminals at the same time. If you have a business, especially a store that is open to the public, you should consider installing video surveillance for your commercial security system. It is important for business owners to understand how criminals react to video surveillance and how to protect their property with video surveillance.

How criminals react to video surveillance

The truth is that most crime is a matter of opportunity. Criminals often feel like the potential payoff is greater than the chances of being caught. However, researchers have asked criminals if they would have committed a crime if they had known they were being monitored with video surveillance. The vast majority of criminals asked this question said that they would not have committed their crime if they knew a camera was watching them.

Criminals are going to choose the easiest targets. If your business has no visible video surveillance, you are a prime target. The neighborhood you live in does not matter to criminals that are looking for unprotected businesses. Video surveillance can protect you and your business simply by making you less of a target.

How to protect your business with video surveillance

You can secure your business without spending a great deal of money, which is good news for small businesses. Wireless commercial security systems have made cheaper security possible. You can place wireless cameras at strategic locations to capture most of your store. The video cameras feed back to a digital recording device, which records the footage. The footage allows you to see what is happening, even when you or your employees are not looking. Video surveillance can capture any criminal activities that might be going on indoors or outdoors.

Before you purchase an off-the-shelf security system and try to install it yourself, consider having an alarm company do the installation for you. Security companies can provide all the equipment and wiring needed to get the surveillance system working quickly. The convenience of the installation allows you to keep focusing on your business and your customers.

The alarm company can also hook up an entire security system at the same time. While video surveillance is great for capturing crimes during business hours, how do you protect your store when no one is there? An alarm system, hooked to a central monitoring service, is a great choice. If someone tries to break in, the system will alert the monitoring service, who will then alert you and the police.

Don’t let your business become an easy target for criminals. Get a security system with video surveillance so you can deter criminals or capture them in action by calling the security experts at 1st Alarm today. You can reach us at 1(800) 276-5559 or send us an email with your questions and concerns, or to get a price quote. We look forward to working with you.