Installing a wireless home security system is a cost effective way to keep your family and property safe in Lubbock TX. In addition to offering basic security features, such as door alarms and surveillance cameras, many modern wireless home security systems are equipped with fire and carbon monoxide detection, remote monitoring, and smart home capability. Homes without alarm systems are three times more likely to be broken into than those with a wireless home security system. The money you spend is well worth it for the safety and peace of mind you get.

Once you’ve decided to bite the bullet and invest in a home security system, you must decide whether you’ll install the system yourself or hire professional help. Some security system components are simple for homeowners to install themselves while other projects are best left to the professionals.

DIY installation

Generally the setup for the initial security system is straightforward, particularly for a wireless system that doesn’t require security pads or mounts. Getting security cameras and computer monitoring primarily requires mounting cameras and running recharging lines. Installing motion detecting floodlights is also a fairly straightforward installation process. Most security systems come with an installation DVD to take you through the step by step procedure of setting up your new system.  While these systems are available and affordable, monitoring is a different story completely.

Professional installation

Configuring a silent or audible alarm system is a job for a Lubbock TX professional team. If you’re equipping your system with a keypad, have a professional install the keypad so he can program it properly with the necessary codes. If you’re installing smart home features (i.e. thermostat adjustment, turning on and off lights), hire a professional. In order for smart home systems to work correctly, the security system must work together with a computer system, and the programming for the computer system is complex. Most homeowners don’t have expertise in both of these areas.

Keep in mind that a professional security technician offers a lot more than the hardware installation. While you may be able to learn the technical process for the installation yourself, most likely it will be time consuming and you’ll waste time and money making a few mistakes along the way. Professionals know how and where to install security systems and get the job done the right way the first time around.

A Lubbock TX home security provider also offers comprehensive monitoring services and education about home safety. In the event of an emergency, the provider will handle security triggers and will contact the police or other proper authorities.

When you invest in home security, make the full commitment and get the help you need. It’s tempting to save a few dollars and install an entire security system yourself. However, you won’t end up saving money if the system fails and you face theft or vandalism or other danger to your family or property. Be honest about your skill sets and contract outside help as needed for your security system. If you ever have questions about installation or any other aspect of your home alarm system, don’t hesitate to talk to your Lubbock TX provider.

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