Public data collected within the last couple of years shows that the average burglaries reported in Texas exceed 150,000 each year. The trend is declining but home burglaries continue to be a concern for homeowners all over the state. Fortunately, there are some fairly simple ways Amarillo TX homeowners can deter and prevent burglaries by following a few simple home security tips.

Make your home look occupied.

Your home should never look unoccupied. If you are going out for the evening, leave a few lights on and turn on the TV or radio. If you are going on vacation, have mail and newspaper deliveries stopped. Use timers to turn lights on and off during the evening. An occupied home is not a great burglary target.

Lock all outside windows and doors.

Having a nice breeze come into the house is great. However, when you leave the home, or go to bed at night, you should close and lock all windows and outside doors. An open window or an unlocked door are just an invitation to someone who wants to break in.

Keep the garage door shut and locked.

The garage is a common entry point for burglars. If your garage door is not shut or locked, the burglar can get inside and take all the time needed to break into the main part of the house. Plus, many homeowners store valuable items like tools and lawnmowers in the garage.

Add extra security measures for sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass door locks are flimsy and easy to break. There are special locks and bars that you can add to a sliding glass door that will make it more secure. Upgrading an older sliding glass door to one built to modern security standards is the best option.

Store valuable items in a secured area.

Leaving your lawnmower or high-priced bicycle outside, unsecured, is just an invitation to thieves. Unless you are actively using a piece of valuable equipment, it should be stored in a secured area. Keep garages, sheds, and other storage areas secured with good locks.

Have adequate outdoor lighting.

Burglars love dark corners. It offers them plenty of privacy to jimmy a door open or to pry a window up. Adding security lighting around the perimeter of your home is relatively inexpensive, but well worth the investment.

Improve home security by keeping landscaping trimmed.

Like dark corners, overgrown shrubs and trees offer great hiding spots for burglars. A window tucked behind a big shrub is a great target for burglars. Trim the shrubs and trees to remove those hiding spots.

Add a home security system and use it.

A home security system is a fantastic deterrent to burglars. It will bring law enforcement to the house quickly. Home security systems with security cameras can capture burglar faces and show the crimes they committed, great for prosecutors.

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