With today’s advances in home security systems, having an invisible force field protecting your home In Lubbock, Texas is not just something of science fiction. Wireless home security systems provide an invisible perimeter around your house, protecting you, your family, and your property.

In the past, wireless alarm systems were considered inferior to hard-wired systems. However, new technologies have overcome most of the issues with wireless systems, making them superior to hard-wired systems in many ways. It is important to understand the benefits of protecting your Lubbock home with a wireless security system, as well as any potential downfalls.

Protecting your home with a wireless security system

Wireless home security systems are easy to install and program. Older alarms required installing wires through walls and attic spaces to connect sensors to the central alarm console, which was time consuming and expensive. These negative aspects of home security systems put them out of the reach for most residential property owners.

Older home security systems also connect to the monitoring service using a landline, which is not as convenient as wireless systems. Burglars can easily cut the landline wires, rendering the alarm useless.

Installing and programming a wireless home security system is much easier and safer than using an older alarm system. The technicians in Lubbock, Texas can place sensors wherever you want them, with the most basic systems having sensors in the doorways along the entire house. When the alarm sensor is activated, it connects wirelessly to the central console.

Each alarm sensor has its own battery, so installation of wireless sensors require no wiring whatsoever. Portable sensors make it easy to customize an alarm system during installation, and afterwards. If a Lubbock homeowner wants to add additional sensors, it can be done quickly and easily. If an alarm sensor needs to be relocated, it only needs to be moved. Rewiring or reprogramming the entire home security system is not necessary. The ease of installing a wireless home security system is why it has a minimal cost when compared to a traditional wired alarm system.

Are there any downfalls with wireless home security systems?

Wireless home security systems use radio signals to communicate. One concern with wireless options is that radio interference can interrupt the signals between the sensors, the central console, and ultimately the monitoring service. If there is an issue with radio interference, a signal could be lost if someone tries to enter a window or door with a sensor.

Alarm companies have recognized the problem of radio interference, however, and have addressed it. Home security systems can now actively block radio interference on the frequencies alarm companies use, keeping the system secure and working smoothly.

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