Alarm systems have come a long way in the past few years, allowing homeowners in Lubbock, Texas to have the best home security systems possible. The days of needing a dedicated phone line and hard-wired sensors are gone and modern security systems have developed to better fit today’s technological world. New technologies are transforming the way home security systems work with the introduction of wireless features and the ability to store information on the the cloud.

Wireless home security systems

Landline phones were the only connection options available to most homeowners looking for home security just a couple of decades ago. Today, landlines are no longer necessary for alarm systems, although they can still be used. Most modern home security systems are wireless. Instead of relying on a landline to communicate with the security company, newer home security systems in Lubbock, Texas and other areas use wireless connections. The systems communicate with the nearest cellular tower and send messages to the alarm company.

Wireless connectivity has eliminated one of the biggest vulnerabilities of home security systems. Burglars became quite adept at identifying alarm system landlines and cutting them before entering a property. With wireless connectivity, burglars can no longer stop an alarm system from triggering. The alarm system continues to work even if the burglar cuts everything going into the house.

Storing home security system information on the cloud

In the past, all of the settings for a home security system were contained in the central control panel. When the system was installed, the Lubbock technician would program the control panel to operate as the homeowner needed it to. This programming process required the technician to go through many settings one at a time and often took an hour or more to complete.

The biggest vulnerability of older programming methods is what might happen if the control panel is damaged. The technician must go to the residence with the alarm system, replace the control panel, and then reprogram it.

With wireless home security systems, homeowners in Lubbock, Texas do not have to worry about damaging the control panel. Instead of having all the programming contained in one central control panel, the settings can be controlled and stored in the cloud. The cloud refers to a storage area containing many computers, so the information can be accessed through the internet. The homeowner can change settings via a smartphone application and the alarm company can reprogram a control panel remotely. Using the cloud to program alarm system information eliminates extra work and makes it possible to adjust security settings quickly.

Modern technology has transformed the world of home security systems, so it is now possible to have home security without the worry and stress of non-wireless systems. At 1st Alarm, we can provide you with a wireless home security system that best meets your needs. To learn more about how to secure your home or business in Lubbock, Texas, call 1(800) 276-5559. You can also email us for more information or get a price quote today.