Digital technology has made home security systems affordable and simple to install. Once upon a time, installing a wired alarm system in Lubbock TX was time consuming, expensive, and invasive. Now the average homeowner can get his own wireless security system installed in a single afternoon. Wireless security systems also offer a host of benefits that aren’t offered with wired systems. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in an alarm system, consider the following benefits home security systems have to offer.

Deter theft and vandalism

Many potential criminals take one look at a home with a security system and move right on to the next home. When there are multiple properties in a Lubbock TX neighborhood with security systems, burglars may avoid the entire area altogether. The simple investment of the security system is enough to prevent most theft and vandalism. In the event that there is an incident, the security cameras will capture wide angle, high definition footage. You’ll increase the chances of the police catching the burglar and you and your family reclaiming your stolen belongings.

Monitor the home remotely

When you’re away from your Lubbock TX home, you want to make sure that your family and property are safe. From checking up on the kids while you’re held up at work to watching the house periodically during a week long vacation across the country, remote monitoring provides a peace of mind. You can sync a wireless home security system with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with internet access to monitor your home from virtually any location. Remote monitoring also offers a higher level of accountability. While your kids may not throw crazy parties while you’re at work, they may forget to let the dog back in the house or leave the stove on after they’ve finished preparing food.

Protect your home and family from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning

Stand alone smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are available. However, they don’t alert the Lubbock TX authorities when an incident occurs. It takes a mere 30 seconds for a small flame to expand into a full blown fire. Within minutes, the whole house fills with thick black smoke, leaving family members and pets unable to breathe properly. Signaling the authorities immediately may mean the difference between significant damage to the home and loved ones and a rapid extinguishing of the fire.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas found in combustion fumes. Among other home features, heating systems, gas ranges, and charcoal and wood burning stoves may release carbon monoxide. Most humans aren’t aware of a carbon monoxide leak until the gas has been building up for some time. Dispatching emergency service right away reduces the severity of the carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms.

Equip your house with smart home features

You can sync a wide range of smart home features with a wireless alarm system to control varying home systems remotely. Arm and disarm the system, turn on and off lights, adjust the temperature or humidity level, and lock and unlock doors and windows, all from your smartphone or tablet. You’ll never have to worry again about whether or not you left the garage door open or activated the security system before leaving town.

Professional Lubbock TX security providers work closely with clients to design security systems that meet their needs and budgets. Set up an on-site consultation today to learn more.

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