Many electronic devices and products being released today are wireless. You can connect to just about anything, anywhere, without a cable attached to your electronic devices. You can even connect to your home security system using a smart device, which means you can see if your security system is armed from almost anywhere.

How to use a smart device to monitor your home security system

Most modern alarm systems are connected to monitoring centers via wireless connections. Alarms and updates are sent to a cell tower, which relays messages and alerts to the monitoring service. The same wireless signals can also be used to alert homeowners via smart devices.

To connect, the device will need a special application, usually provided by the monitoring service. This app connects to the home security system and can send out alerts, both emergency and non-urgent, as specified by the homeowner. These alerts allow you to see what is going on, and react as needed. Some monitoring apps offer two-way options and the ability to arm and disarm the system remotely.

What kind of home security systems can you monitor?

For you to have remote connectivity, you will need a home security system that has a compatible connection. Older alarm systems may not have a wireless option available and it may also not be available on newer systems that cost less. Contact your home security system provider and ask if you can have remote access using a smart device. The alarm system provider can review your current system and let you know if it is possible to have a wireless connection. If you don’t have the option of connecting to your alarm system with a smart device, the provider may recommend certain upgrades to allow for remote access.

Other available options for monitoring your home with a smart device

The remote access you gain with your home security system can be extended to home automation. This wireless option allows you to monitor and control other systems within your home, including the thermostat of your HVAC system and internal security cameras.

One application gives you the ability to monitor your security system and other systems within your home. The same application can monitor your activities and give you suggestions on how to further customize your automation to suit you and your family’s needs.

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