Home alarm systems have sometimes been the subject of myths and have been seen as an unneeded luxury for many homes. However, it is important to know the myths and facts about home alarm systems so you can make an informed decision about your security. Myths about home security systems include that they are only for the rich and that homes are no more safe with them as without them. It has also been falsely thought that installation of the systems requires wiring the entire house and that they are not worth the cost. Another common myth is that home alarm systems do not work well with pets.

The myth that home alarm systems are only for the rich

A few decades ago, the myth that only the rich could afford home security systems was actually a fact. Systems were expensive and installation was highly complicated. The monitoring services were costly and required a dedicated phone line for connectivity. However, home security systems have now become affordable. The equipment is connected wirelessly and does not require complicated installation. Alarm system monitoring can be done for a low monthly fee and wireless systems are now available.

The myth that homes with alarm systems are no more secure than those without

The myth that homes with security systems are not secure has been proven wrong by convicted thieves. Many thieves confess that they target homes without security systems, because they can get in and out quickly, without alerting the homeowner or police. Even a basic home security system provides protection against burglary. Thieves often bypass homes that just have a alarm company sign outside.

The myth that installation of home alarm systems requires wiring the entire house

Wireless devices have revolutionized the home security market in the past few years. Just a decade or so ago, all sensors and cameras in the home had to be connected via wires, which required special tools and equipment. Now, it is possible to set sensors on windows and doors in just a few minutes. These sensors use batteries for power and wireless signals for connection. Security cameras are also just as easy to install and connect. Even the central monitoring device is wirelessly connected to the monitoring service.

The myth that having a home alarm system is not worth the cost

People often question whether adding an alarm system to their home is a good investment or not. Some even consider having a security system a waste of money. However, you should consider what you could be losing if your home is not equipped with a security system. Not only could you lose thousands of dollars worth of belongings, but you can also lose your peace of mind. With a home security system, you get 24/7 security to protect your home, family, and your peace of mind.

The myth that home alarm systems do not work well with pets

Older motion detectors were susceptible to going off if the family pet triggered the system. The detectors used technology that triggered with any kind of movement, so this myth was a fact at one point in time. The false alarms often led to people turning off motion detectors all together or confining the pets to a single, un-monitored area of the house. However, technology has has made it possible to avoid false alarms caused by the presence of pets. Advanced motion detectors can be calibrated to ignore certain kinds of motion or the movement of small bodies, allowing for more efficient security.

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