Current home security systems can range from basic alarms with a few cameras to sophisticated wireless systems with door and window sensors. Home alarm systems are now most commonly controlled using smartphones or other devices and managed by homeowners, even when they are away from home or even out of the country. Fire, smoke, and water leakage can also be detected early on, to save lives, prevent injuries and property damage.

Technology has made home alarm systems easier to install and use

Technology has come a long way to provide easy to use and easy to install home security systems. Wireless technology was once an option when choosing an alarm system – now it is common practice for those who are looking for a way to keep their family and property safe. One of the best applications of wireless technology relating to home security systems is being able to manage many tasks remotely.

Remotely control home alarm systems

Forgetting to activate alarm systems when you leave the house is a common problem – doing no good to the property owners. When you have a home alarm system that can be controlled remotely using your smart-phone, you will be able to activate your system and continue your time away from home, having peace of mind knowing your home will be safe while you’re away.

Home automation and your home alarm system

Not only can your alarm system be controlled remotely – but most of your appliances as well. With virtually no setup or installation, you will be able to control your lights, heating and air conditioning from any of your electronic devices – tablet, smart-phone or computer. Setup is as easy as installing an app!

Lock your doors remotely with your home alarm system

You can make sure your doors stay locked by being able to control them remotely from your phone or tablet. When the keyless locks are properly synched with your home automation system, you are able to lock or unlock them from anywhere in the world. You will even be able to give individual entry codes for those you want to enter your home.

Save money with home alarm systems

Save money on energy by being able to control your home’s heating and air conditioning while you’re away. You will be able to shut off devices or lights when they aren’t needed and turn them on at night for safety.

Video monitoring and home alarm systems

Have you ever been away from home and wished you could see what is going on while you are gone? With video monitoring, now you can. With real-time video streaming, you will be able to make sure your kids get home safely after school, or just take a quick look to see that your home looks safe and sound.

Home security systems used to be reserved for the wealthy. Technology has made it so that home alarm systems can fit into nearly every budget. If you already have a wireless home security system, you can easily add many additional features. Call or visit 1st Alarm soon, so that you can enjoy the peace of mind of keeping your home safe with the alarm system of your choice.

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