As recent as only a few years ago, fire sensors and commercial fire alarms provided only local audible alarms requiring someone to be alerted by the alarm and then contact first responders. Today, commercial fire alarm systems technology has advanced greatly providing improved monitoring, detection and rapid response notifications. Modern commercial fire alarm systems make your business much safer for you, your employees, your customers, your inventory and help save lives.

Improved safety through advancements in sensitivity and reliability

Multi-criteria fire detectors – Modern fire, heat and smoke detectors are more sensitive to detecting fire and heat. These detectors can be a combination of smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, ion, or other indicators. These improved detectors can actually differentiate between conditions associated with work processes and those associated with a real fire threat thus minimizing the potential for false alarms.

Addressable heads – State-of-the-art addressable heads make it possible to determine the exact location of a fire within a building.  Providing more exacting pinpointing of the threat rather than wide area zones can quickly and easily guide firefighters to the source of the threat. Large buildings, warehouses, schools and assisted living facilities where a lot of real estate is being monitored reap the greatest benefits from these modern detectors.

Indicator appliances –  Providing indication of occupied spaces as opposed to unoccupied spaces helps firefighters and rescuers direct their efforts where needed in a timely manner such as identifying places where people may be trapped, saving numerous lives in the process.

Electromagnetic door holders – These specialized door holders make it possible to isolate pockets of fire. When a fire is detected, the doors will automatically swing shut to isolate the fire in affected spaces and thus slow its spread.

These are just a few of the advancements in modern commercial fire alarm systems. If your fire alarm system was installed 10 or more years ago, contact 1st Alarm today about upgrading or replacing you systems. It could save your business or, more importantly, save lives.

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