When your business is looking to install a commercial fire alarm system in your retail store, office building or warehouse, there are many “Dos” and “Don’ts” one should follow.

Do have your fire alarm system professionally installed.

A commercial fire alarm system is important to the safety of your employees and your business property. Make sure to have the system installed professionally and inspected to make sure it is up to industry and manufacturer’s standards.

Don’t skip inspections of your fire alarm system.

Commercial fire alarm systems need to be inspected on a routine basis. Make sure that you don’t skip these scheduled inspections. Problems are easier to fix if they are spotted early on. Routine maintenance is key to preventing any system malfunctions.

Do train yourself and your staff on fire alarm system operation.

After your new commercial fire alarm system installed in your business, make sure you understand how it functions and how to contact someone for repairs if things aren’t working right. Also, train your staff on how to operate the system. In the case of an emergency, your employees should know the protocol. In case of a false alarm, staff should be able to disarm the system and contact authorities.

Don’t let unqualified people perform maintenance on your fire alarm system.

When following the routine maintenance for your fire alarm system, make sure to have repairs and maintenance completed by certified professionals. It’s best to contact your installation company with any concerns. They can send a certified repair person to your business or recommend another qualified maintenance company.

Do keep a paper trail for your fire alarm system.

Record keeping is very important for your commercial fire alarm system. A good record should display the last date of maintenance, as well as the next scheduled inspection. You as the owner of the system should be on top of these records, as well as train a member of your staff to double check paperwork. Make sure any false alarms; malfunctions or incidents are recorded in your record book.

Don’t let staff and guests ignore fire alarm systems.

If false alarms or accidental discharges are common in your building, it’s time to put a stop to them. Make sure to train your staff on the importance of the fire alarm system and how important it is to follow emergency protocol even when they “know” that it is a false alarm. Make sure your entire team knows to take every fire alarm seriously to better protect themselves, their coworkers, their customers and business property.

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