It takes years to build and maintain a business. Once you’ve built a viable office space, acquired valuable assets, and hired sound employees, you don’t want to risk losing it all. Installing a commercial security system ensures your entire Midland TX business is protected around the clock. Modern wireless commercial security systems are affordable, straightforward to set up, and can be customized with ease to accommodate the specific security needs of your company.

Door and window contacts and commercial security systems

When a door or window has an activated security contact, an alarm will sound any time the door or window is opened. Contacts are installed on the connecting points of doors and windows. As such, when they are touching, the alarm doesn’t sound. However, when they are removed from each other unexpectedly, the alarm sounds. Confirm who will verify unexpected door and window entry so false alarms are identified properly. You don’t want an employee who is working late to have the local Midland police show up unannounced.

Motion sensors and commercial security systems

Motion sensors are used to detect intruders both inside and outside of the office building. Connecting the sensors to lights on the building’s exterior or to the alarm system alerts you of suspicious movement on the premises. Special kinds of motion detectors are available for complexes with pets, which is ideal if you operate within a commercial strip with pet-oriented retailers (i.e. pet groomer, pet supply store). You have the capacity to activate or deactivate motion sensors as needed so they aren’t triggered during normal hours of operation.

Control panels and commercial security systems

Having access to the commercial security system from anywhere in the building is critical for safety. Installing control panels throughout the premises provides access to the system from multiple locations. The master panel should be placed in a spot that is tough for any intruder to access. Typically a security panel is equipped with a two-way intercom so employees are able to communicate with the Midland commercial security provider’s monitoring center. Employees get the help they need quickly, such as being told to exit the building, and if necessary, can explain a false alarm quickly, such as opening windows on a stuffy evening during a late staff meeting.

Video surveillance cameras and commercial security systems

Installing video surveillance cameras around your Midland property deters many potential criminals and keeps customers and employees accountable for their activity in the workplace. Burglars are less likely to rob or vandalize premises with a commercial security system. Keeping one or two exterior video cameras highly visible greatly deters most criminal activity. Similarly, employees are less likely to engage in time wasting activities and other questionable behavior when they know they’re on camera. Most employees won’t steal from the company outright, but they might take an extra long lunch or play games on their work computers during business hours. A surveillance system minimizes this type of behavior. Consider installing a commercial security system with integrated alarm and camera monitoring services to guarantee alarm signals and other unusual activity is reported and addressed in a timely fashion.

Finally, make sure to hire a Midland commercial security service provider that will tailor your security solution to meet your security needs and budget. The provider should complete an on-site consultation to assess your needs and then use those findings to create a custom security solution. If you have any questions throughout this process, don’t hesitate to ask. You should be fully confident with the commercial security provider you hire before you sign a contract.

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