There are many types of commercial fire alarm systems that you can use to protect your business. Finding the right one for your needs requires sorting through these options and selecting the system that offers the features, functionality, and protection you desire.

Conventional Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Also known as “four-wire” commercial fire alarm systems, these stalwarts of security are common fixtures within small shops and restaurants. These systems are usually less expensive than other systems and operate by segmenting the property into hardwired zones. These zones are monitored and controlled via a centralized control panel. Conventional commercial fire alarm systems allow you to deploy multiple detection systems within each zone, and when a detector within the zone is activated, it sends a signal to the control panel indicating which zone the fire is in. In turn, this helps direct emergency responders when they arrive.

Two-Wire Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Two-wire commercial fire alarm systems are also commonly installed in small shops and businesses. Two-wire commercial fire alarm systems are based on the same structure as a conventional system. However, the detectors on the system are wired using the same cable that connects the sirens and power to the central panel and detectors. The advantage to this type of system is that it is often less expensive and faster to install because there are fewer wires. Another key advantage of many two-wire commercial fire alarm systems is that they often feature additional functions including the setting of fault conditions and individual detector recognition. These features can reduce false alarms and make it even easier for emergency responders and investigators to pinpoint the fire’s point of origin.

Analog Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Also called analog-addressable commercial fire alarm systems and intelligent systems, these provide information on each and every detector in the system. This makes them ideally suited for larger operations and facilities such as grocery stores, warehouses, shopping centers, etc. These systems are typically more complex, and therefore more expensive than other options. However, the increased intelligence and functionality of the analog commercial fire alarm systems is essential for protecting large areas. Indeed, the moments they save during a response can make all the difference between losing a small part of the structure or losing the structure entirely. It is also important to have detection and alarm systems checked by a qualified electrician to make sure they are working properly.

Wireless Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

While currently more expensive than other commercial fire alarm systems, wireless commercial fire alarm systems are dropping rapidly in price as they become more common. Wireless systems provide a flexible security envelope that can be adjusted and altered as the business grows and evolves. Moreover, because these commercial fire alarm systems don’t rely on hardwiring, they are less expensive to install which often cancels out their more expensive purchase price. Wireless commercial fire alarm systems are also easily connected to monitoring stations which can enhance protection even during those hours of the day when the business is vacant.

Aspirating Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Aspirating commercial fire alarm systems are highly sensitive and are equipped with a variety of sensors that sniff out particulates in the air. This makes them ideal for catching fires while they are still smoldering. They rely on fans that circulate air through the detectors which analyze the air for particulate matter associated with combustion. While these systems are among the most expensive fire detection systems on the market, they are also some of the most effective and can often catch fires before they ignite and cause serious damage to the property or injury to people and personnel.

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