Until recently, home security systems simply were not designed to work in homes with pets.  False alarms were common place when pets were present since simply walking around was sufficient to trigger an alarm.  Getting rid of your pet just isn’t an option so having a pet friendly home security system is a must. When you decide to install a home security system in you Lubbock TX home be sure to get one that can be adjusted to your pet’s size and weight to avoid unnecessary false alarms.

Life without a pet friendly home security system

Older home security systems used older technology in their motion detectors.  These out of date detectors would sense the movement of any warm-blooded animal, like a cat or dog, in your home and cause the alarm to be triggered. These false alarms caused issues not only for the homeowner but when the alarm is detected by your security monitoring station and when local Lubbock TX authorities are summoned, well you can see the problem. The concept of crying wolf too many times when no real threat is present can result in bills from the city and cancellation by the monitoring service.  Neither of these is a good outcome.

Pet friendly state-of-the-art home security systems

Motion detector technology is now much more sophisticated.  This new technology allows modern motion detectors to not only detect the presence of a warm body but they can also detect the objects motion and movement patterns.  This means pets can be identified as such rather than labeled as a threat. The result means false alarms have due to motion detectors has all but been eliminated when it comes to your pets.

Have your home security system designed and installed by professionals

Most home security systems that are available for do-it-yourselfers are low cost and low technology.  This means it is highly unlikely that you will receive a modern state of the art detector that can be programmed to recognize and ignore your pets.  It is important, especially if you have pets, to contact your local home security professionals so that they can give you the right system to meet all of your security needs. Don’t get rid of your pets, instead live with them with the peace of mind in knowing you, your family and your Lubbock TX home are protected.

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