As the world around you continues to grow with new technology, you have to grow with it and ensure your San Angelo TX home and family are protected. Simply turning your dead bolt or locking your door can no longer adequately protect your home and family. Installing a home security system is your best defense and the best way to protect you against intruders. A home security system can also protect you from more than just intruders.

A home security system offers protection against intruders

The number one reason most families install a home security system in San Angelo is protection against intruders. Often just the sign indicating your home is protected will deter thieves from attempting to enter your residence unlawfully. Should an illegal entry occur in your house that has a home security system installed, you will be given a warning. This notice allows for you and your family to seek a safe location to wait for the police to arrive. The home security system is monitored so your local police are notified immediately when a break-in occurs. This early warning sends help to you against what could turn into a malicious act. There are other protections a home security system can provide for you.

A home security system offers protection against carbon monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can kill you if inhaled for too long a time. It gets into your red blood cells and will slowly replace the oxygen in your system. Severe cases of this poisoning result in death. Symptoms from this gas include; chest pains, vomiting, confusion, headache, and dizziness.

A home security system can include a device that will alert you if it detects carbon monoxide in your San Angelo TX home. The benefit of having this device is it will call for medical services to your home immediately so you and your family can be treated. The faster you are made aware of the gas being present, the sooner you can leave your home and receive medical help.

A home security system offers protection against fire

Many homes use smoke alarms to protect against fires. You may think the home security system only protects you against intruders; however, they can also protect against fires. These systems can warn you if a fire breaks out in your home so you and your family can reach safety quickly. Early warnings will be issued by these systems if it detects heat or smoke. A warning goes out to you, and an alert is sent to the authorities immediately, so help reaches your home as quickly as possible. You can purchase heat detectors and smoke alarms separately for your San Angelo home, but these devices will not send for help to the authorities.

A home security system offers continuous protection

The best advantage to having a home security system is your San Angelo TX home or business will have continuous protection.  When you leave home for any reason, or after office hours when your building is unoccupied, the system will continue to monitor the entire building. These systems will keep track of significant events and dispatch the proper authorities to your property when necessary.

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