Wireless Home Security – The Future of Safety in Lubbock TexasOnce upon a time, home security systems were cumbersome, invasive, and expensive to install with wires running everywhere. Older systems involved wiring the home components to a security monitoring service via a telephone line. If the phone service went out or a burglar cut the phone line, the entire system was rendered useless. Modern wireless home security systems in Lubbock TX are connected to a cellular network, making it much harder to disable the system. In addition to basic safety, wireless home security systems offer a number of advantages over their wired counterparts. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a home alarm system, consider the following benefits wireless systems offer.

Wireless home security systems offer ease of installation

Wired security systems are complex, requiring an electrician to complete the physical installation, which includes circuit testing, electrical leads, and wire stripping. A contractor may also be required for the installation to install wires safely around existing home features, such as pipes and marble countertops. An experienced Lubbock, TX technician can get a wireless home security system up and running with a basic set of tools in a single afternoon. He doesn’t have to drill any holes or install any wires, saving you time and money and minimizing damage to your home.

Wireless home security systems are simple to replace, upgrade, or move

When you’re ready to upgrade your home alarm system, you’d like to replace one component of the system, or you’d like to move your security system to a new Lubbock residence, the process is quick and seamless. You only have to swap out the components you’d like to replace or upgrade, leaving the rest of the system intact. You can also add or remove components as needed. For example, if you’d like to add another security camera, you can do so at any time without making any other changes to your security system. If you move, it’s also easy to take the system with you, saving you the expense of investing in a whole new system.

Wireless home security system troubleshooting is straightforward and stress-free

Typically, a Lubbock, TX home security provider can identify issues with your wireless home security system remotely. In most instances, a friendly, professional technician will help you solve the problem over the phone, eliminating the cost and hassle of a home visit and minimizing downtime, keeping your system running smoothly. Many modern wireless security providers offer their own troubleshooting programs, alerting you to any issues that arise, so you’re able to handle them in a timely fashion.

Wireless home security systems may earn you an insurance discount

Most major insurance companies offer discounts to Lubbock, TX residents with home safety features, including close proximity to a fire hydrant, sprinkler systems, homeowners’ association (HOA) membership, and living in a gated community. Installing a wireless home security system also lowers your home insurance. Insurance companies give discounts as great as 20 percent for home alarm systems. Consider equipping your security system with detection sensors, such as fire, carbon monoxide, and flood, for additional discounts.

Additional wireless home security system features

Wireless technology allows Lubbock, TX homeowners to control an extensive range of home systems from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Arm and disarm your security system, receive activity notifications, monitor your video feeds, adjust your temperature and humidity level, turn on and off your lights, and lock and unlock your doors and windows remotely, providing a peace of mind and saving you money. To learn more, contact a reputable Lubbock, TX security provider today.

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