Digital technology has brought a host of advantages to modern home security systems. Home security systems are now more affordable and easier to install, maintain, and upgrade than ever. They also offer a range of features that simply aren’t available with their analog counterparts. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a home security system for your property in Lubbock TX, consider the following benefits that these systems have to offer.

Simple installation

The process for installing an analog home security system is expensive, complex, and destructive. The electrical installation includes electrical leads, circuit testing, and wire stripping as well as physical installation, which may include demolition and rerouting pipes and drilling through marble and granite. Thanks to modern wireless technology, installation in Lubbock TX takes only a few hours, a basic set of tools, and a set of screws.

Stress free troubleshooting and upgrading

A wireless home security system is structured to identify system problems and send the details back to the provider remotely and immediately. This set up means that you can contact the support center and get the assistance you need all in a single phone call without having a technician come out to your home. Many wireless alarm providers also run their own troubleshooting programs and notify users of any potential issues before problems arise.

The wireless security system configuration makes it simple to take out and add system components with ease. You can remove or add on parts as your security needs change or as upgraded parts are available.

Battery powered protection

Some wired home security systems do have battery backup. However, wired battery backup is intended for emergency use only and depletes rapidly. Wireless systems are designed to run solely or primarily on battery power and as such, offer a powerful, consistent battery power source. Most wireless home security systems also prompt users to check battery level periodically to ensure the system is never fully depleted. Running on battery power also enables your Lubbock TX home security system to keep running even if a burglar cuts the power lines.

Remote monitoring

With remote monitoring, you can access your video surveillance feeds from any location. As long as your smartphone, tablet, or computer has internet capability, you can log in and view a live stream or pull up archived footage. Whether you’re at work in Lubbock TX for the day or across the country on a business trip, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kids, pets, and house are safe.

Smart home features

Smart technology allows you to control an extensive selection of home systems remotely. Set up your smartphone or tablet to arm and disarm the alarm system, turn on and off the lights, adjust the thermostat settings, and more. You can also equip your doors and windows with sensors and receive alerts when a door or window is opened or left open. From setting the thermostat temperature to arrive home from work to a cool house to switching on the lights to deter burglars while you’re on vacation, you have the control you need from any location in or out of Lubbock TX.

One of the best ways to learn more about wireless home security systems is to schedule a free consultation with a reputable security provider. A representative will come to your home, evaluate your security needs, and offer solutions that fit your top priorities (i.e. remote monitoring, smart home features) and are within your budget. Set up your consultation today.

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