You installed a wireless home security system. You think you are safe, but are you really? A wireless home security system is your first line of defense for keeping your residence in Lubbock, Texas safe and sound. However, this form of security should not be the only line of defense you have. If you want to make the most out of your wireless home security system you just installed, you need to take further action. Use heavy-duty deadbolts on each entry point. Install motion detector lights outside and eliminate hiding places. Also, used timed devices, stop the mail, and notify neighbors when you are going on vacation.

Use heavy-duty deadbolts on each entry point

A determined burglar or home invader in Lubbock, Texas is not going to let much get in his way. Heavy-duty deadbolts, however, will make it very difficult for him to gain entry to your home through the doors. Make sure these deadbolts are made of hardened steel and installed by a professional. When you leave the house, arm your Lubbock wireless home security system and lock those deadbolts.

Install motion detector lights outside

Burglars and other criminals in Lubbock, Texas love the back yard, with no lights on, because they can gain entry into your home without anyone detecting them. With motion detector lights installed around the perimeter of your home, the dark won’t be an aid to burglars anymore. These lights will make you feel even more safe with your wireless home security system. When the light goes on, it may scare the criminal away. If not, it will at least alert you or the Lubbock police as to where the burglar is. Plus, if you need to go out at night for any reason, you will have lights go on automatically, making it safer for you.

Eliminate hiding places

An open garage, a dark unlit porch, or even an overgrown shrub, all make great hiding places for criminals. Take a walk around your home in Lubbock, Texas and see where there may be potential hiding places. Then, take steps to eliminate these hiding spots. Keep the garage door shut and get motion sensor lights on both the front and back porches. Also, trim hedges and plant prickly plants in areas where you cannot add light or eliminate the barriers. Taking these steps will help you get the most out of your home security system.

Use timed devices, stop the mail, and notify neighbors when you are going on vacation

Burglars will often stake out a house to see if anyone is at home. Having your lights, radios, televisions, and even small appliances go on occasionally will help deter their interest.

Stop the mail and Lubbock newspaper or have someone pick them up each day. A pile of unread newspapers or an overflowing mailbox are all signs that a homeowner has not been there in awhile. You can contact the post office and the Lubbock newspaper company to stop delivery until you get back. Alternatively, you can ask a neighbor or family member to come by each day and take these things inside.

Notify the home security company and your neighbors when you go on vacation. The home security company can send emergency responders instantly if they know you are not there. Your neighbors can also make sure that no one suspicious is hanging around your property in Lubbock, Texas when you are not there.

For the times when a burglar does try to break into your house, your wireless home security system will alert the proper Lubbock authorities. You can be rest assured that you, your family, and your belongings are protected with these tips and a good home security system.

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