Taking steps to enhance your home security is something that will pay enormous dividends in terms of comfort and peace of mind. Simple things can have a significant impact that can turn your Abilene TX home into a fortress. The following are five things you can do that will deter thieves and keep you and your family safe.

Be careful what you post on social media

Thieves look for any sign that there are “goodies” inside an Abilene TX home worth stealing. Items such as electronics, jewelry, fine art, etc. should not be visible from outside the home. Installing window shades, trees/shrubbery, fencing, etc. can help shield these items from prying eyes. Moreover, the boxes and packaging that accompany new purchases should always be broken down and concealed within trash bins to avoid advertising them to the neighborhood and passersby. Similarly, you should be careful about taking pictures inside the home and placing them on social media as fun family snapshots can also provide thieves with an inventory of things they would like to take and identify the locations of everything from security cameras to alarm system control panels.

Install a home security system with security cameras

High-definition home security cameras should be installed on all entryways, hallways, and stairways throughout the home. This restricts a thief’s movement throughout the property. Moreover, their small size makes it easy to conceal these cameras. Should a thief attempt entry, dispatchers from a Abilene TX security monitoring company can direct law enforcement to the precise location of the intruder which increases the likelihood of apprehending the thief.

Get a Dog

Fido is more than just man’s best friend; he’s a 24/7 home security system that can be startled by the slightest disturbance. There are many breeds that are suitable for children and families, and even if you choose a small dog, the barking alone is often enough to cause a thief to choose a softer target. Of course, not everyone wants a dog, and people with allergies simply can’t have one. In such cases, making it look like you have a dog is also a significant deterrent. Placing dog bowls by sliding glass doors, dog houses and toys in the yard give the illusion that a dog is present that can also be just as effective.

Always remember to use your security measures

Complacency costs Abilene TX homeowners millions of dollars a year. Many thieves break into homes that are equipped with cameras, deadbolts, and other home security measures simply because the homeowner forgets to engage these security devices. Keeping home security systems armed, doors locked, and windows closed denies thieves points of entry while you are in other parts of the home. Getting in the habit of keeping the house locked down also ensures that you don’t need to worry about forgetting to latch locks, engage systems, etc. when you leave the home.

Maximize lighting

Lights are among the most effective deterrents you can install. They do more than just beautify the property; they deny thieves the cloak of darkness they depend upon to make an unannounced visit. Placing motion activated lights that cover windows, patios, porches, garage doors, etc. can surprise thieves and cause them to abandon their plans when the lights are triggered. These lights should be regularly tested and bulbs replaced promptly when they burn out.

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