If you are looking to keep your family as safe as possible in your home, consider a professionally-installed home security system. With features like automatic door locks, interactive security monitoring, smoke and fire sensors, motion sensing and more – you’ll be warned of a potentially dangerous situation before it becomes a security emergency. Great for residential homes and small businesses alike, home security systems are made to keep your family and your property safe.

Advanced Door Locks with Home Security Systems

In an advanced home security system, automated door locks are a great safety feature made to protect your property and keep your family safe. Remotely control your door locks and even shut your garage door from afar. Use the mobile app to control your locks when you aren’t at home. You can also set alerts to warn you when unusual activity occurs (like a door opening while you’re at work) or even alert you when doors aren’t opening (like if your kids don’t arrive home from school on time).

Interactive Features in Home Security Systems

New home security systems feature interactive capabilities to allow you to monitor your home security and communicate with your system. As the alarm system monitors your normal home activity, you’ll receive alerts when something unusual occurs. Customize your alerts to arrive via email or text message, or download the interactive mobile app to control features at the touch of a button.

Home Security Systems Add Smoke and Fire Monitoring

Another great feature of professional home security systems is the added integration of smoke and fire monitoring. Keep your family safe from possible fires by professionally installing a home security system that incorporates smoke detection and a fire warning system. Even when you aren’t home, the system will alert emergency responders in the case of fire. The system can also be integrated with your HVAC system to stop the circulation of air when smoke is detected.

Optimized Motion Detection in Home Security Systems

Motion detection is a classic feature in home security – but new advancements have made motion detection more suited to your needs. New technology allows the motion detector to record activity, take photos and create algorithms for normal activity in your home. When unusual motion is detected, your home security system will let you know.

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