Fire threats are ever present and often unpredictable. A spark from a piece of equipment, a lit cigarette carelessly tossed aside, or any of a thousand other causes can ignite a fire. Even a small flame can quickly spread and grow into a roaring blaze. Commercial fire alarm systems can’t prevent all the possible causes of fires, but they can provide an early alert that allows people within the affected area to evacuate the area before fatal injuries can occur. It takes mere moments for a fire to grow in size, and these moments can make all the difference in saving lives and property.

It only takes a minute

Research data shows that a typical office fire can double in size every minute. The furniture and paper products in an office space readily become the fuel for growing a fire. The quicker a fire can be detected and local fire departments notified, the quicker response personnel can be on scene. Modern commercial fire alarm systems provide this level of detection and response initiation. The added feature of identifying the origin or location of a fire makes fighting the fire more effective. Every second saved by rapid detection and alerts provided by a commercial fire alarm system can be a life saved and a business saved from devastating damage.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems are Worth the Investment

In addition to the potential for loss of lives and property, a fire can put a business permanently out of business. The cost of installing and maintaining a commercial fire alarm system is far less than the potential losses resulting from not having one. The key to protection is ensuring that if and when a fire does break out, your commercial fire alarm system can provide timely warning to employees and fire departments.

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The 1st Alarm team understands your commercial fire alarm systems needs. 1st Alarm knows how to protect our clients from the dangers of fire and the damage it can cause. Our fire alarm monitoring services protect businesses in Abilene, Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, Midland, San Angelo and Oklahoma City. Contact us to learn more about the myriad of ways our fire alarm monitoring can protect your business. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine the best systems and monitoring plan for your budget and operational needs.

The team at 1st Alarm understands that you will have many burning questions on your mind when it comes time to choose the right commercial fire alarm system to protect your property. As a business owner, you know the importance of early fire detection and how it can save you from completely losing your property. 1st Alarm understands the importance as well and will be there for you 24/7 to ensure you are protected. We will also help you to create a fire safety policy for your employees to reduce injuries and prevent human loss should a fire occur. With 1st Alarm and an advanced commercial fire alarm system, you ensure your business is prepared adequately in the event a fire should happen in your business place.

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